“Joe's Apartment” quotes

Movie Joe's Apartment
Title Joe's Apartment
Year 1996
Director John Payson
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Musical, Fantasy
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Plot – In New York Joe's apartment there's everything, even a few thousand of singing cockroaches. He has learned to deal with life's troubles at a rock rhythm and fortunately he's also in love.
All actors – Jerry O'Connell, Megan Ward, Billy West, Reginald Hudlin, Jim Turner, Pepa, Robert Vaughn, Don Ho, Jim Sterling, Shiek Mahmud-Bey, David Huddleston, Frank Bello
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  • “- Walter Shit: I wanted to express how cold, how pitiless this city really is.
    - Joe: Nobody touched you for two days?
    - Walter Shit: Spitting doesn't count.”

    Jim Turner - Walter Shit
    Jerry O'Connell - Joe
  • - Walter Shit: Congratulate me! This is my first work to use paint! I call it "Instant minority". I did the whole block!
    - Joe: But people are black or white, not purple.
    - Walter Shit: Periwinkle. It's periwinkle!

    Jim Turner - Walter Shit
    Jerry O'Connell - Joe
    [Tag:colors, painting]
  • “- Rodney Roach: Ralphie! I'm surprised at you! Does this mean you're giving up?
    - Ralph Roach: Give up? Give up? What are you saying to me? How come us roaches have been able to outlast the dinosaurs? How do we survive poison and persecution? How do we keep on crawling, in the face of overwhelming odds? I'll tell you how: because we never give up!”

    Reginald Hudlin - Rodney Roach
    Billy West - Ralph Roach
  • “- Joe: Oh, my god! Mister, are you alright?
    - Walter Shit: Two days, seven hours, twenty-three minutes and four seconds. That's how long I've been lying here.
    - Joe: Are you OK?
    - Walter Shit: 'Course not! I'm an artist!”

    Jerry O'Connell - Joe
    Jim Turner - Walter Shit
    [Tag:artist, blood, madness]