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Movie S.O.B.
Blake Edwards directed this movie in 1981
Title S.O.B.
Year 1981
Director Blake Edwards
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Philip Farmer is both a producer and a director and for the first time ever one of his movies is failing miserably at the box office. He's abandoned by his wife Sally Miles and Philip tries to kill himself. He recovers when he decide to transform the failing movie into a porn one, but the problem is to convince his ex-wife to act in it.
All actors – Julie Andrews, William Holden, Marisa Berenson, Larry Hagman, Robert Loggia, Stuart Margolin, Richard Mulligan, Robert Preston, Craig Stevens, Loretta Swit, Robert Vaughn, Robert Webber
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  • “- Dr. Irving Finegarten: Are you perchance a nurse?
    - Lila: No, I used to be a junkie.
    - Dr. Irving Finegarten: Would it endanger your amateur standing if I asked you to use a sterilized needle?
    - Lila: You're the doctor.
    - Dr. Irving Finegarten: Oh, that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me all week.”

    Robert Preston - Dr. Irving Finegarten
    Jennifer Edwards - Lila
    [Tag:ability, drugs]
  • “- Dr. Irving Finegarten: You look like an anemic turtle.
    - Polly Reed: You're gonna let that shyster on?
    - Dr. Irving Finegarten: I could sue you for calling me that, Polly! A shyster is a disreputable lawyer. I'm a quack!”

    Robert Preston - Dr. Irving Finegarten
    Loretta Swit - Polly Reed
    [Tag:insult, lawyers]
  • “- Dr. Irving Finegarten: He bought her this boat on their 14th wedding anniversary. They sailed her to Catalina. Sally flew home. I don't think Felix has been on her more than once or twice since then.
    - Ben Coogan: No wonder Sally wants a divorce.
    - Dr. Irving Finegarten: Because he bought her a boat?
    - Ben Coogan: Well, he's only been on her...” (continue)
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    Robert Preston - Dr. Irving Finegarten
    Robert Webber - Ben Coogan
  • “Felix, for the last 40 years I've lived a life of dedicated debauchery. I've consumed enough booze to destroy a dozen healthy livers. I've filled my lungs with enough nicotine to poison the entire population of Orange County. I've engaged in sexual excesses that make Caligula look like a celibate monk. I have, in fact, conscientiously, day in...” (continue)(continue reading)
    William M. Holden - Tim Culley
  • “We blew it, we didn't grab 'em. Why?... Do you know why? I'll tell you why. Because dying fathers and lying mothers are a dime a dozen these days! Home and family have become civilization's antiques, along with the flag, Sunday school, Scout's cookies, C.B. De Mille, and virginity. We gave them virtue, they want vice! We sold them schmaltz, they...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Richard Mulligan - Felix Farmer
    [Tag:lust, values, virtue]
  • “- Tim Culley: Felix, as far as you know, have I ever lied to you?
    - Felix Farmer: Never.
    - Tim Culley: Well, I have, once or twice. About nothing that was too important. But now the fact that I have admitted that on occasion I have lied to you should convince you that I'm a fairly honest man. And when it comes to the crunch, I can handle myself...” (continue)
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    William M. Holden - Tim Culley
    Richard Mulligan - Felix Farmer
    [Tag:honesty, lies]
  • “- Tim Culley: You stay in the car.
    - Dr. Irving Finegarten: Who stay in the car?
    - Tim Culley: Him. Stay in the car.
    - Ben Coogan: I don't wanna stay in the car.
    - Tim Culley: Look, we've got to be sly and stealthy, and you're too pissed.
    - Ben Coogan: Bullshit, I can be just as sly and slealthy as you can.”

    William M. Holden - Tim Culley
    Robert Preston - Dr. Irving Finegarten
    [Tag:anger, silence]
  • “Felix darling, some of her fans still don't think she goes to the bathroom!”

    Erica Yohn - Agnes - Costume Designer
    [Tag:fame, naivety]
  • “- Felix Farmer: Irving, she's got a very big scene to do!
    - Sally Miles: I'm going to show my boobies. What do you think, Irving, you've seen my boobies. Hmm, are they worth showing?
    - Dr. Irving Finegarten: Well, since I can only render an evaluation based on a completely impersonal, purely professional examination of the subject, uh, subjects,...” (continue)
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    Richard Mulligan - Felix Farmer
    Julie Andrews - Sally Miles
    Robert Preston - Dr. Irving Finegarten
  • “If you want to dramatize the evils of prostitution, corrupt a virgin, not a whore!”
    Richard Mulligan - Felix Farmer
  • “- Sally Miles: You know, you are sexually notorious.
    - Tim Culley: Semi-fraudulent reputation, which I do everything I can to encourage.
    - Sally Miles: Why?
    - Tim Culley: Because it's the best way for an old man to compete in a young man's world.”

    Julie Andrews - Sally Miles
    William M. Holden - Tim Culley
    [Tag:old age, sex]