“Quest for Camelot” quotes

Movie Quest for Camelot
Title Quest for Camelot
Year 1998
Director Frederik Du Chau
Genre Drama, Comedy, Musical, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Animation
Plot – Around year 1000 - at the beginning of King Arthur's reign in Britain - the lively and determined Kayley has a dream: to become a knight of the Round Table like her late father Sir Lionel. When the evil and power-hungry Ruber steals the precious Excalibur with the complicity of the perverse Griffin, Kayley decides to go in search of the sword in order to save Camelot. The girl enters a dense and terrible forest and meets Garrett, a young blind but self-sufficient boy. He, later on in their quest, will offer decisive help in overcoming difficult and unpredictable obstacles. Overcoming his initial distrust, Garret agrees to join Kayley in the search, but the two are only successful when the magician Merlin, using magic weapons, comes to help and subdues the cruel Ruber. Immediately afterwards, Kayley's mother, who has been kidnapped, is freed. Kayley and Garrett kiss, then marry and Camelot is saved.
All actors – Jessalyn Gilsig, Andrea Corr, Cary Elwes, Bryan White, Gary Oldman, Eric Idle, Don Rickles, Jane Seymour, Céline Dion, Pierce Brosnan, Steve Perry, Bronson Pinchot
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