“Left Behind” quotes

Movie Left Behind
Title Left Behind
Year 2000
Director Vic Sarin
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Fantasy, Action
All actors – Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson, Janaya Stephens, Clarence Gilyard Jr., Colin Fox, Gordon Currie, Chelsea Noble, Daniel Pilon, Tony De Santis, Jack Langedijk, Krista Bridges, Thomas Hauff
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  • “- Buck Williams: When is the last time you slept?
    - Jack Langedijk: I'll get all the sleep I need when I'm dead.”

    Kirk Cameron - Buck Williams
    Jack Langedijk - Dirk Burton
  • “It is time to change history.”
    Gordon Currie - Nicolae Carpathia
    [Tag:changing, history]
  • “- Chloe Steele: I have exams, I have to go!
    - Rayford Steele: And I have a flight. It's called a job. Welcome to the real world!”

    Janaya Stephens - Chloe Steele
    Brad Johnson - Rayford Steele
    [Tag:job, school]
  • “- Chloe Steele: Turn that up.
    - Raymie Steele: Mom said to turn it down.
    - Chloe Steele: You always do what you're told?
    - Raymie Steele: Yeah, you should try it sometime.”

    Janaya Stephens - Chloe Steele
    Jay Manchester - Raymie Steele
  • “- Rayford Steele: Think about it. Where did she spend the most time? Where was she the happiest?
    - Chloe Steele: She has happiest when you were home.”

    Brad Johnson - Rayford Steele
    Janaya Stephens - Chloe Steele
  • “I don't have all the answers, but for now faith is enough.”
    Kirk Cameron - Buck Williams
    [Tag:answers, faith]
  • “How do you describe both the beginning and an end? We should have known better, but we didn't. What does it matter if we think we know? In the end, there's no denying the truth.”
    Kirk Cameron - Buck Williams
    [Tag:knowledge, truth]
  • “Whoever this antichrist guy is, he's gonna have one big war on his hands if he tries to rebuild this temple anytime soon.”
    Kirk Cameron - Buck Williams