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Movie Chances Are
Title Chances Are
Year 1989
Director Emile Ardolino
Genre Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Plot – Young lawyer Louie Jeffries is married to Corinne, who's expecting a baby. After losing a trial where Fenwick, a corrupt judge, has absolved Boss Bonino, Louie dies in a car accident. In heaven he asks to be reincarnated because he has left many things undone. His request is approved and Louie lives a new life as Alex Finch, a 23-year-old journalism graduate. For a series of circumstances he's hosted at Corinne's, who has never remarried and lives in the cult of his deceased husband. Alex meets Miranda, Louie's daughter, and Philip, Louie's former friend and best man. The situation creates strange feelings in Alex as unexpectedly he feels he's the revived Louie. Alex's memories surprise and disturb Corinne too, until she convinces herself Alex is her beloved Louie and starts a relationship with the guy. As Alex notices Philip's feelings towards Corinne, he manages to make them stay together. When finally Alex regains all Louie's memories, he takes the opportunity to report the corrupt judge and he manages to get hired in the local newspaper.
All actors – Cybill Shepherd, Robert Downey Jr., Ryan O'Neal, Mary Stuart Masterson, Christopher McDonald, Josef Sommer, Joe Grifasi, Henderson Forsythe, Susan Ruttan, Lester Lanin, Richard DeAngelis, Franchelle Stewart Dorn
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