“Choose Me” quotes

Movie Choose Me
Alan Rudolph directed this movie in 1984
Title Choose Me
Year 1984
Director Alan Rudolph
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – Mickey is released from a psychiatric hospital and comes back to his town to look for Eve, the woman he loves. At Eve's bar Mickey meets another Eve, then he meets other two women, Nancy Love and Pearl. Mickey dates them all at the same time, until Pearl's husband finds him sleeping with his wife. In the end Eve accepts to marry Mickey and together they travel to Las Vegas.
All actors – Geneviève Bujold, Keith Carradine, Lesley Ann Warren, Patrick Bauchau, Rae Dawn Chong, John Larroquette, Edward Ruscha, Gailard Sartain, Robert Gould, John Considine, Jodi Buss, Sandra Will, Mike Kaplan, Russell Parr, Teresa Velarde, Henry G. Sanders, Margery Bond, Debra Dusay, Minnie Summers Lindsey, Richard Marion, Albert Stanislaus, Karyn Isaacs, Elizabeth Lloyd Shaw, Edward C. Lawson, Chase Holiday, Patrick McFadden
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  • “- Nancy: Mickey, you can't go around asking every woman you kiss to marry you.
    - Mickey: Why not?
    - Nancy: Why not...
    - Mickey: I only kiss women I'd marry.”

    Geneviève Bujold - Nancy
    Keith Carradine - Mickey
    [Tag:kiss, marriage]
  • “- Woman on Bus: Marriage is a very sacred thing.
    - Eve: Yeah. So I've heard. Marriage is a sacred thing. Isn't it?
    - Mickey: In a beautiful but sordid way.”

    Minnie Summers Lindsey - Woman on Bus
    Lesley Ann Warren - Eve
    Keith Carradine - Mickey
  • “- Nancy: Well, with the dilemma you're in, Jane, we could discuss sexual attitudes, early childhood, but the truth is, when you make changes, you sometimes have to endure pain.
    - Eve: Is that what you do with your pain?”

    Geneviève Bujold - Nancy
    Lesley Ann Warren - Eve
    [Tag:changing, pain]
  • “- Pearl Antoine: God, you love to stare at women.
    - Mickey: Old habit.”

    Rae Dawn Chong - Pearl Antoine
    Keith Carradine - Mickey
    [Tag:habit, sight, women]
  • “- Pearl Antoine: Yeah, that's what I need, a good job. You wanna know what my favorite job would be, of all time? To be the radio talk lady, Dr Nancy Love. Ever listen to her?
    - Mickey: I don't listen to radio talk.”

    Rae Dawn Chong - Pearl Antoine
    Keith Carradine - Mickey
    [Tag:job, radio]
  • “I've ruined too many marriages to have one of my own.”
    Lesley Ann Warren - Eve
  • “I've never loved anyone. I don't think I can.”
    Geneviève Bujold - Nancy
    [Tag:ability, love]
  • “Sex, like everything else, is largely a mystery. I mean, there's no such thing as normal sex, normal sex is a matter of statistics. What may be normal for the vast majority is no criterion of behavior for the exceptional person.”
    Geneviève Bujold - Nancy
    [Tag:mystery, sex]
  • “I wrote the book on sex. I'm a prisoner of it. Hell, I'm a victim of it. I know all about that feeling you get in your belly when a man says he wants you, and if I know he's lying, I still get that feeling. I'm conditioned now.”
    Lesley Ann Warren - Eve
    [Tag:feeling, sex]
  • “- Zack Antoine: Max?
    - Max: No! Not with the moon in Pluto.”

    Patrick Bauchau - Zack Antoine
    Albert Stanislaus - Max
  • “I recommend that you examine the deeper feelings you have for your wife, Tom.”
    Geneviève Bujold - Nancy