“All of Me” quotes

Movie All of Me
Carl Reiner directed this movie in 1984
Title All of Me
Year 1984
Director Carl Reiner
Genre Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Plot – Roger Cobb is a 40-year-old lawyer who’s not satisfied with his job: he dreams to become a business partner, but his boss always assigns him insignificant cases. Cobb lives alone with his dog and spends his spare time playing guitar in a group of friends. One day he is assigned a luxurious lawsuit. There is a millionaire, Edwina Cutwater, who’s ill and wants to do a particularly special will. Her heir will be Peggy Schuyler, the daughter of the stable hand who works in the villa. Edwina wishes to become Peggy because an Oriental guru - called Prahka - told her that her spirit will go into Peggy’s body. For a series of mistakes, the spirit of the woman goes into Cobb’s body, who has to face thousands of adventures in this situation, but he manages to be successful and becomes a business partner of the law office, marrying Edwina. Peggy is destined to become a horse that her father will take care of.
All actors – Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin, Victoria Tennant, Madolyn Smith Osborne, Richard Libertini, Dana Elcar, Jason Bernard, Selma Diamond, Eric Christmas, Gailard Sartain, Neva Patterson, Michael Ensign
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