“Pet Sematary Two” quotes

Movie Pet Sematary Two
Title Pet Sematary Two
Original title Pet Sematary II
Year 1992
Director Mary Lambert
Genre Horror, Fantasy
Plot – Actress Renee Hallow dies on set in the presence of her son Jeff, who at school resents the housekeeper Marjorie Hargrove and befriends Drew. The boy is the stepson of Sheriff Gus Gilbert and at school mean Clyde begins to bully him. After Drew's dog Zowie was killed while attacking Gus' rabbits, Drew and Jeff go to bury the dog in an Indian burial ground, where it is said that the dead rise again. The dog returns as a zombie and, when Gus beats his stepson because he came home late, Zowie attacks and kills him. Drew and Jeff bury Gus in the cemetery. While Zowie bites Chase, Gus reappears, first killing Clyde and then chasing Drew and Amanda, making their car crush into a truck. Still not satisfied, he goes to resurrect Clyde and exhumes Renée, then takes her to the Indian cemetery helped by Jeff, who later explains the situation to his father. The man, suspicious of the results of Zowie's blood test and alerted by the vet clinic's former owner about the powers of the ancient cemetery, goes looking for the dog but finds Gus and stops him by shooting him in the head. Renée reappears and kills the housekeeper, while Chase rejects her and is hit. Jeff tries to kill Clyde, who has returned to kill him. Renée lights a fire and dies while Jeff barely manages to drag away his wounded father.
All actors – Edward Furlong, Anthony Edwards, Clancy Brown, Jared Rushton, Darlanne Fluegel, Jason McGuire, Sarah Trigger, Lisa Waltz, Jim Peck, Len Hunt, Reid Binion, David Ratajczak
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