“Brainscan” quotes

Movie Brainscan
Title Brainscan
Year 1994
Director John Flynn
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Plot – Michael is a sad teenager with a complex family situation: his mother died and his father is always away for business. The boy lives alone surrounded by computers, role playing games and horror movies. One day he discovers a new pastime: Brainscan, a virtual reality that presents an endless series of gruesome scenes which threatens to turn Michael into a serial killer. Detective Hayden manages to get in touch with the boy.
All actors – Edward Furlong, Frank Langella, T. Ryder Smith, Amy Hargreaves, Jamie Marsh, Victor Ertmanis, David Hemblen, Vlasta Vrana, Domenico Fiore, Claire Riley, Tod Fennell, Michèle-Barbara Pelletier
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  • “- Michael: I guess it's kind of an escape.
    - Dr. Fromberg: Like, uh... lighting up a marijuana cigarette and escaping the real world, hmm? Like watching a pornographic sex film, getting an erection and raping someone? Is that what you mean?
    - Michael: You know, I don't think erections rape people. People rape people.”

    Edward Furlong - Michael
    David Hemblen - Dr. Fromberg
  • “They could pump a million volts in me. They could bust my fingers, one bye one, by one, by one. They could dig out my eyes. But... No country-western music, please. Every man has his limits.”
    T. Ryder Smith - The Trickster
    [Tag:music, torture]
  • “- Kyle: That's pretty cool, ya know, havin' a murder in our neighborhood and everything.
    - Michael: Kyle, a guy just died and you think that's cool?
    - Kyle: No, I don't mean cool, but it's interesting.”

    Jamie Marsh - Kyle
    Edward Furlong - Michael
  • “- Dr. Fromberg: What was that film you were watching?
    - Michael: Death, Death, Death...
    - Dr. Fromberg: Death, Death, Death.
    - Michael: ...Part 2.
    - Dr. Fromberg: Oh, lord! Don't you see? Violence is not senseless entertainment!”

    David Hemblen - Dr. Fromberg
    Edward Furlong - Michael
  • “- The Trickster: I was there when you cut off his foot. It was real. It was magic.
    - Michael: It wasn't supposed to be real!
    - The Trickster: Real, unreal, what's the difference? So long as you don't get caught.”

    T. Ryder Smith - The Trickster
    Edward Furlong - Michael
    [Tag:reality, violence]
  • “- Michael: I didn't kill the man. I didn't even know him!
    - The Trickster: There lies the beauty. You had no motive. It was totally random. Like in the animal world, prey doesn't have a name. It was primal.”

    Edward Furlong - Michael
    T. Ryder Smith - The Trickster
  • “- Michael: This doesn't make any sense!
    - The Trickster: It doesn't have to make sense. All these horrormovies you watch... does 'Death, Death, Death' make sense? No. It's not about sense. It's about death, death, death.”

    Edward Furlong - Michael
    T. Ryder Smith - The Trickster
    [Tag:death, meaning, movie]
  • “- The Trickster: You wanted the ultimate experience in terror. Well, terror's in the doing. It's not watchinghorrorfilms like some child. It's not spying on Kimberly. You get off on that, Michael.
    - Michael: I love her.
    - The Trickster: It could be any girl in any window and you know it.
    - Michael: I won't kill her!”

    T. Ryder Smith - The Trickster
    Edward Furlong - Michael
    [Tag:emotion, killing, love]
  • “- The Trickster: Hello. You've reached Brainscan.
    - Michael: Uh, my name is Michael Brower. You can reach me at 717...
    - The Trickster: Hello, Michael.
    - Michael: I'm sorry. I thought you were a machine.”

    T. Ryder Smith - The Trickster
    Edward Furlong - Michael
    [Tag:robot, voice]
  • - Detective Hayden: To be perfectly frank, Michael, you were described as, uh... What was that word they used, Sergeant?
    - Martin: Frightening.
    - Detective Hayden: Frightening, and strange and weird. "Freak" came up a couple times.

    Frank Langella - Detective Hayden
    Victor Ertmanis - Martin
  • “- The Trickster: Why did you leave the school on the day of the murder, Mr. Brower? Where were you last night, Mr. Brower? Were you alone, Mr. Brower? Where's your father, Mr. Brower? Where's your mother, Mr. Brower?
    - Michael: Shut up!
    - The Trickster: Oh, I don't believe they'll find that answersatisfactory.”

    T. Ryder Smith - The Trickster
    Edward Furlong - Michael
  • “Video games are ancient history. This is the first disk in a series of four. If time runs out you'll not be allowed to play the next disk. That can be extremely dangerous. Do not let that happen. One final detail... you must think like a killer. Cover up any clues. Leave no witnesses, no evidence. And most importantly, enjoy the fear!”
    T. Ryder Smith - The Trickster