“Rampage” quotes

Movie Rampage
Title Rampage
Year 1987
Director William Friedkin
Genre Drama, Thriller
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Plot – A small Californian town is upset by atrocious crimes. Young prosecutor Tony Fraser arrests the serial killer easily: he wanted to kill people to drink their blood and purify himself.
All actors – Michael Biehn, Alex McArthur, Nicholas Campbell, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, John Harkins, Art LaFleur, Billy Green Bush, Royce D. Applegate, Grace Zabriskie, Carlos Palomino, Roy London, Donald Hotton
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  • “Now, I want you to remember that you sit here as representatives of your community, your neighbors, your friends, your children. If you should decide to let this man go free, be absolutely clear in your mind that you are condemning his victims to a second death and saying to your neighbors that the life of a terrible murderer is worth more than...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Michael Biehn - Anthony Fraser
    [Tag:murder, prison]
  • “The life of an innocent human being worths more than the life of an murderer.”
    Michael Biehn - Anthony Fraser
    [Tag:innocence, murder]
  • “- Charlie Reece: I hearvoices on the radio sometimes.
    - Albert Morse: What sort of voices, Charles?
    - Charlie Reece: Music. Telling me to kill. There's this one radio station I listen to. It's the devil station. I listen and I hearSatan telling me to kill. Sometimes I think this isn't real. It's not really messages, it's not making any sense....” (continue)
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    Alex McArthur - Charlie Reece
    Nicholas Campbell - Albert Morse
    [Tag:devil, madness, radio]