“Ride the High Country” quotes

Movie Ride the High Country
Sam Peckinpah directed this movie in 1962
Title Ride the High Country
Year 1962
Director Sam Peckinpah
Genre Drama, Romance, Adventure, Western
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Plot – Two old former sheriffs share together one last adventure. As one of them dies, the other one lays aside the gun for ever. This western shows quite tired heroes.
All actors – Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea, Mariette Hartley, Ron Starr, Edgar Buchanan, R.G. Armstrong, Jenie Jackson, James Drury, L.Q. Jones, John Anderson, John Davis Chandler, Warren Oates, Alice Allyn, Oscar Blank, Chet Brandenburg, Don Brodie, Chris Carter, Byron Foulger, Frank Hagney, Percy Helton, Victor Izay, Don Kennedy, Jack Kenny, Donald Kerr, Mina Martinez, Charles McQuary, Michael T. Mikler, Spec O'Donnell, Carmen Phillips, Myrna Ross, Wayne Tucker, Chalky Williams
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  • “Pardner, do you know what's on the back of a poor man when he dies? The clothes of pride. And they're not a bit warmer to him than when he was alive.”
    Randolph Scott - Gil Westrum
    [Tag:poverty, pride]
  • “- Elsa Knudsen: My father says there's only right and wrong - good and evil. Nothing in between. It isn't that simple, is it?
    - Steve Judd: No, it isn't. It should be, but it isn't.”

    Mariette Hartley - Elsa Knudsen
    Joel McCrea - Steve Judd
    [Tag:evil, good]
  • “Don't worry boy. The Lord's bounty may not be for sale but the Devil's is... if you can pay the price.”
    Randolph Scott - Gil Westrum
    [Tag:devil, god, mercy]
  • “- Gil Westrum: Don't worry about? about anything. I'll take care of it, just like you would have.
    - Steve Judd: Hell, I know that. I always did... You just forgot it for a while, that's all.”

    Randolph Scott - Gil Westrum
    Joel McCrea - Steve Judd
    [Tag:solutions, worry]
  • “The glory of a good marriage don't come at the beginning. It comes later on.”
    Edgar Buchanan - Judge Tolliver
    [Tag:glory, marriage]