“Convoy” quotes

Movie Convoy
Sam Peckinpah directed this movie in 1978
Title Convoy
Year 1978
Director Sam Peckinpah
Genre Drama, Action
Plot – Truck driver Martin - called ‘Rubber Duck’ - and his colleagues ‘Pig Pen’ and ‘Spider Mike’ run across their old ‘enemy’ Sheriff Lyle Wallace, who finds the occasion to fine them. Few hours later, the three guys avenge of Lyle, beating him and other policemen. They go back to their trucks and speed to New Mexico, while Lyle tries to stop them. While the guys are travelling, other trucks follow them and a true rebellion begins, with the support of the population. Once passed all the police blocks, the convoy finally arrives in New Mexico, but without ‘Spider Mike’ who gets caught by Lyle. ‘Rubber Duck’ goes back to rescue ‘Spider Mike’ and saves him demolishing the prison. While ‘Rubber Duck’ is escaping from Lyle’s guns, the truck with explosive inside blows up, but ‘Rubber Duck’ is safe and sound and Lyle is a bit relieved.
All actors – Kris Kristofferson, Ali MacGraw, Ernest Borgnine, Burt Young, Madge Sinclair, Franklyn Ajaye, Brian Davies, Seymour Cassel, Cassie Yates, Walter Kelley, Jackson D. Kane, Billy Hughes
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