“Shiloh” quotes

Movie Shiloh
Title Shiloh
Year 1996
Director Dale Rosenbloom
Genre Drama, Family
Plot – An abused beagle puppy escapes from his master and meets Marty. The two immediately make friendship and Marty calls the dog Shiloh, but his father doesn't allow him to keep the animal because he belongs to a local hunter. Marty returns him but Shiloh is mistreated again, so the boy builds him a shelter to protect the dog. One night, the puppy is attacked and Marty needs his father's help now.
All actors – Scott Wilson, Blake Heron, Bonnie Bartlett, Rod Steiger, J. Madison Wright, Ann Dowd, Michael Moriarty, Shira Roth, Tori Wright, Montrose Hagins, Rachel Winfree, Amzie Strickland
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  • “- Ray Preston: You're hiding Judd's dog and never lettin' on. What else are you keeping from me?
    - Marty Preston: Nothing, Dad.
    - Ray Preston: Well how do I know that's not another lie?
    - Marty Preston: Because it's not.
    - Ray Preston: Oh yeah, well your sayin' so don't make it true, not now. And that's the problem with lying.”

    Michael Moriarty - Ray Preston
    Blake Heron - Marty Preston
    [Tag:lies, problems]
  • “- Marty Preston: There's gotta be a first time for everything, right?
    - Ray Preston: Oh, you're right about that, boy! This is the first time you ever lied to me!”

    Blake Heron - Marty Preston
    Michael Moriarty - Ray Preston
  • “If that were true I would have run off when I was four. Far back as I can remember Pa took a belt to me. I didn't run off. Didn't have no place to go.”

    Scott Wilson - Judd Travers
  • “The greatests test of love is how much you're willing to fight for it. You think about that. This dog is gonna need a lot of love. Go get him.”

    Rod Steiger - Doc Wallace
    [Tag:dogs, love, test]
  • “All I had was your word. Ain't that worth something to you?”
    Blake Heron - Marty Preston
    [Tag:loyalty, swearing]