“So Fine” quotes

Movie So Fine
Title So Fine
Year 1981
Director Andrew Bergman
Genre Comedy
Plot – Jack Fine is the owner of a clothing company. He's going bankruptcy and he has been forced to ask some money to Eddie, who now blackmails him and wants Bobby - Jack's son - to work in the fashion industry. Despite he's a university professor, Bobby helps his father and also starts a relationship with Lira, Eddie's neglected wife. Eddie interrupts them and Bobby flees with Lira's jeans on, but the pants break on the buttocks while he is escaping: a new style is born and Jack's company can recover.
All actors – Ryan O'Neal, Jack Warden, Mariangela Melato, Richard Kiel, Fred Gwynne, Mike Kellin, David Rounds, Joel Stedman, Angela Pietropinto, Michael Lombard, Jessica James, Charles Bruce Millholland
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