“Being There” quotes

Movie Being There
Title Being There
Year 1979
Director Hal Ashby
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Chance is an illiterate whose only source of education is TV. He has spent his entire life working as a gardener in a Washington villa. When his master dies, he is forced to move. Chance is wandering the streets when he's hit by a rich lady's car, Eve O'Brien. Struck by Chance's distinguished gentleman air, the woman brings him at her house to make him heal from the family doctor. The dying Eve's husband, Ben O'Brien - still a powerful man and personal friend of the US President - is so impressed too by his aura of confidentiality that he attributes him qualities that actually he doesn't have.
All actors – Peter Sellers, Shirley MacLaine, Melvyn Douglas, Jack Warden, Richard Dysart, Richard Basehart, Ruth Attaway, David Clennon, Fran Brill, Denise DuBarry, Oteil Burbridge, Ravenell Keller III
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  • “It's for sure a white man's world in America. Look here: I raised that boy since he was the size of a piss-ant. And I'll say right now, he never learned to read and write. No, sir. Had no brains at all. Was stuffed with rice pudding between th' ears. Shortchanged by the Lord, and dumb as a jackass. Look at him now! Yes, sir, all you've gotta be...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Ruth Attaway - Louise
  • “In the garden, growth has it seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again.”
    Peter Sellers - Chance
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  • “This is just like television, only you can see much further.”

    Peter Sellers - Chance
  • “A man's past cripples him. His background turns into a swamp and invites scrutiny.”
    Richard Seff - Pallbearer
  • “- Dennis Watson: Tell me, Mr. Gardner... have you ever had sex with a man?
    - Chance: No... I don't think so.
    - Dennis Watson: We could go upstairs right now.
    - Chance: Is there a TV upstairs? I like to watch.”

    Mitch Kreindel - Dennis Watson
    Peter Sellers - Chance
  • “I think what our insightful young friend is saying is that we welcome the inevitable seasons of nature, but we're upset by the seasons of our economy.”

    Melvyn Douglas - Benjamin Rand
  • “- Ron Steigler: Mr. Gardner my editors and I have been wondering if you would consider writing a book for us, something about your political philosophy, what do you say?
    - Chance: I can't write.
    - Ron Steigler: Of course not, who can nowadays? Listen, I have trouble writing a postcard to my children. Look, we can give you a six figure advance,...” (continue)
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    Richard McKenzie - Ron Stiegler
    Peter Sellers - Chance
  • “You need to find yourself a nice woman. But I think it should be an older woman, since you're not going to do a young one any good.”
    Ruth Attaway - Louise
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  • “Life is a state of mind.”
    Jack Warden - President 'Bobby'
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