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  • “I don't give a rats ass for the voters! All I care about is the power and the power that'll give me the money. That's why I'm a success and you're not! America for the Americans. You believe that nonsense? You're stupider than I thought! I'd sell my soul to the Japanese if they made me an offer. And as for you, don't come suckering around me if...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Jack Warden - Benjamin 'Big Ben' Healy, Sr.
  • “- Peter: You feel so sure of that when you look out on a clear night like tonight and see all those millions of stars, that none of it matters?
    - Lloyd: I think its just as beautiful as you do, and vaguely evocative of some deep truth that always just keeps slipping away, but then my professional perspective overcomes me; I just wish for a more...” (continue)
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    Sam Waterston - Peter
    Jack Warden - Lloyd
  • “I used to be able to fuck like that.”

    Jack Warden - Jack
    [Tag:ability, sex, singing]
  • “- The Great Gonzo: Stop the presses!
    - Mike Tarkanian: Why? What happened?
    - The Great Gonzo: I don't know. I just always wanted to say that.”

    Dave Goelz - The Great Gonzo
    Jack Warden - Mike Tarkanian
    [Tag:desire, news]
  • “- Elsie: I could never make a good pot roast.
    - Saul: You need good beef. Argentina has great beef: beef, and Nazis.”

    Glynis Johns - Elsie
    Jack Warden - Saul
    [Tag:cooking, food]
  • “- Jack: Lucy? I have to ask you a question.
    - Elsie: Get down on one knee, it's more romantic.
    - Saul: Elsie, if he's proposing let him do it!
    - Elsie: I am letting him do it.”

    Bill Pullman - Jack
    Glynis Johns - Elsie
    Jack Warden - Saul
  • “- Edward O'Neil: Give me a cigarette.
    - Jimmy McGinty: I quit.
    - Edward O'Neil: Nobody likes a quitter, Jimmy.”

    Jack Warden - Edward O'Neil
    Gene Hackman - Jimmy McGinty
  • “You open your mouth one more time, and I'll shove your head so far up your ass, you'll be talking out of your armpit.”
    Jack Warden - Sgt. Maj. Ross Maclure
  • “- Luke Fuchs: You're lookin' at one of the finest automobiles on this lot. Y'know, I rebuilt that engine with my own two hands.
    - Mickey: Does it run?
    - Luke Fuchs: Does it run? Like a dream.
    - Mickey: Well, old man... for $2400, it better run like a wet dream.”

    Jack Warden - Luke Fuchs
    Michael Talbott - Mickey
    [Tag:cars, dreams, money]
  • “- David Shayne: Maybe Olive's got stage fright. Maybe she won't show.
    - Julian Marx: Not Olive. That dame doesn't have a nerve in her body. I don't think her spinal cord touches her brain.”

    John Cusack - David Shayne
    Jack Warden - Julian Marx
    [Tag:character, fear]
  • “- Sam Slaton: Remember that colored kid that got caught stealing a case of beer?
    - Roy L. Fuchs: Billy Ray? Billy Ray Washington?
    - Sam Slaton: Hangin' Judge Harrison gave him thirty five years hard labor!”

    Joe Flaherty - Sam Slaton
    Jack Warden - Roy L. Fuchs
    [Tag:injustice, theft]
  • “- Judge Francis Rayford: I found out what the meaning of life is.
    - Arthur Kirkland: What's that?
    - Judge Francis Rayford: It sucks.”

    Jack Warden - Judge Francis Rayford
    Al Pacino - Arthur Kirkland
    [Tag:life, meaning]
  • “- Sgt. Major Ross Maclure: How old are you, Julius?
    - Julius: Eight.
    - Sgt. Major Ross Maclure: You want to live to be nine?”

    Jack Warden - Sgt. Maj. Ross Maclure
    Chuckie Davis - Julius
    [Tag:living, threat]
  • “- Officer Leary: I told him to move on, but he continued to use profanity and he refused to leave the premises.
    - Judge Francis Rayford: What sort of profanity?
    - Officer Leary: You know, the normal kind.
    - Judge Francis Rayford: Officer Leary, we've all heard these words before, now for the record what did he say?
    - Officer Leary: He used... ...” (continue)
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    Vincent Beck - Officer Leary
    Jack Warden - Judge Francis Rayford
  • “- Roy L. Fuchs: I'd like to talk to my brother.
    - Rudy: Well, you're gonna have to talk kinda loud. He left for Miami late last night.
    - Roy L. Fuchs: Miami?
    - Rudy: Yeah. Miami Beach.
    - Roy L. Fuchs: Miami Beach?
    - Jeff: Florida.
    - Roy L. Fuchs: I know where the fuck Miami Beach is, dummy.”

    Jack Warden - Roy L. Fuchs
    Kurt Russell - Rudy Russo
    Gerrit Graham - Jeff
  • “I'm Jack Fine and this is my suicidal son, Bobby.”
    Jack Warden - Jack
    [Tag:son, suicide]
  • “Sixteen years of marriage and my wife still won't eat Chinese food. It's crazy, especially since we met in a Chinese restaurant.”
    Jack Warden - Judge Francis Rayford
    [Tag:eating, sharing, wife]
  • "All Power to the People"? They had it once. It was called the Stone Age.
    Jack Warden - Nelson Longhurst
  • “- Walter Whitney: It's hard to hate you, Nelson. You have just enough logic to give your sickness respectability. You've sentenced whole races of people to be born losers, and as the father of one, I object. Not that he was born with two strikes on him, but that you won't give him a third pitch to swing at. Goodbye, Nelson.
    - Nelson Longhurst:...” (continue)
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    George Segal - Walter Whitney
    Jack Warden - Nelson Longhurst
    [Tag:evil, hatred]
  • “- Joe Pendleton: I'm starting against Dallas? What about Jarrett?
    - Max Corkle: They don't want to go with Jarrett. They want to go with you. Happy Birthday, Joe!”

    Jack Warden - Max Corkle
    Warren Beatty - Joe Pendleton
  • “- Rudy: Luke told me, if you came around here, to have you arrested for trespassing. Now, are you going to leave, or are we going to have to call the cops?
    - Jeff: Yeah, do we have to call the cops?
    - Roy L. Fuchs: What are you, a fucking parrot?”

    Kurt Russell - Rudy Russo
    Gerrit Graham - Jeff
    Jack Warden - Roy L. Fuchs
    [Tag:scorn, threat]
  • “Walter, you were like a son to me. But as you well know, having a son can turn out to be a bitter disappointment.”
    Jack Warden - Nelson Longhurst
  • “This isn't going to work. You're playing football with a bunch of butlers!”

    Jack Warden - Max Corkle
  • “- Saul: So, do you have any family?
    - Lucy: My mom died when I was really little and a couple of years ago my dad got sick so we moved from Indiana so he could go to research hospital.
    - Saul: Research. Another word for very expensive.
    - Lucy: Yeah, I had to quit school and I started working for the CTA and about a yearago he decided he had had...” (continue)
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    Jack Warden - Saul
    Sandra Bullock - Lucy
    [Tag:death, family, parents]
  • “- Peter: Is there anything more terrifying than the destruction of the world?
    - Lloyd: Yes. The knowledge that it doesn't matter one way or the other. Its all random, resonating aimlessly out of nothing and eventually vanishing forever. I'm not talking about the world, I'm talking about the universe, all space, all time, just temporary convulsion.”

    Sam Waterston - Peter
    Jack Warden - Lloyd