“Son of Dracula” quotes

Movie Son of Dracula
Title Son of Dracula
Year 1943
Director Robert Siodmak
Genre Horror, Fantasy
All actors – Robert Paige, Louise Allbritton, Evelyn Ankers, Frank Craven, J. Edward Bromberg, Samuel S. Hinds, Adeline Reynolds De Walt, Pat Moriarity, Etta McDaniel, George Irving, Lon Chaney Jr., Charles Bates
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  • “Isn't eternity together... better than a few years of ordinary life?”

    Louise Allbritton - Katherine Caldwell
    [Tag:eternity, life, love]
  • “- Katherine Caldwell: Count Alucard's real name is Count Dracula.
    - Frank Stanley: Count Dracula? You mean the Hungarian who's supposed to have become...
    - Katherine Caldwell: Don't use that word. We don't like it. Say, rather, that we are undead, immortal.”

    Louise Allbritton - Katherine Caldwell
    Robert Paige - Frank Stanley
  • “- Professor Lazlo: Alucard is undoubtedly a vampire... probably a descendant of Count Dracula.
    - Doctor Brewster: Are you sure we're not allowing our imagination to run away with our common sense?”

    J. Edward Bromberg - Professor Lazlo
    Frank Craven - Doctor Brewster
  • “- Frank Stanley: Do you mean you deliberately planned this? You married him so you could become a...
    - Katherine Caldwell: So you and I could attain immortality, yes.”

    Robert Paige - Frank Stanley
    Louise Allbritton - Katherine Caldwell
  • “You can destroy him in one of two ways... either drive a stake through his heart, or burn his grave before he reaches it. You must do this, Frank, for us.”

    Louise Allbritton - Katherine Caldwell
  • “It was part of the plan I told you about in the garden. I asked you to have faith in me then. I beg you to have faith in me now. Count Alucard is immortal. Through him, I attained immortality. Through me, you will do the same, and we will spend eternity together.”

    Louise Allbritton - Katherine Caldwell
  • “There is one advantage all humans have over us. You can move about in the daytime. We can't. We must return to our graves before sunrise, or we're destroyed.”

    Louise Allbritton - Katherine Caldwell
  • “A vampire is an earthbound spirit... whose body comes to life at night and scours the countryside, satisfying a ravenous appetite for the blood of the living. This it does by drawing it from the throat of its victim.”

    J. Edward Bromberg - Professor Lazlo
  • “It is you, Kay, and you're alive! But what is it, Kay? You seem to be cold, like death. You seem to be Kay, but there's a strange difference. It's almost as if I didn't know you.”

    Robert Paige - Frank Stanley
    [Tag:death, vampire]