“Starting Over” quotes

Movie Starting Over
Title Starting Over
Year 1979
Director Alan J. Pakula
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – After divorcing his wife Jessica, who has cheated on him with her employer, Phil Potter goes to Boston where his brother Michael and sister Marva do their best to cheer him up. There, Phil meets Marylin, a teacher. When things between the two seem to be working out, Jessica appears again. The insecure Phil gives in and goes back to his arrogant and cunning ex-wife, while Marylin turns to giant John, a former basketball player. However, Phil has learned his lesson, leaves his wife again, goes back to Boston and takes Marylin back.
All actors – Burt Reynolds, Jill Clayburgh, Candice Bergen, Charles Durning, Frances Sternhagen, Austin Pendleton, Mary Kay Place, MacIntyre Dixon, Jay O. Sanders, Charles Kimbrough, Richard Whiting, Alfie Wise
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