“The Accused” quotes

Movie The Accused
Title The Accused
Year 1988
Director Jonathan Kaplan
Genre Drama
Interpreted by
Plot – Sarah Tobias is a young and very cheerful waitress who is raped by three men in a bar. Many other customers assist to the fact with incitement and laughters. Only one guy - Kenneth Joyce - phones to the police, but it's useless. Katheryn Murphy, the Deputy District Attorney, is entrusted the case. Firstly she tries to agree the defense but the case would be limited to a simple bodily harm, so Katheryn turns to the rape's thesis. To charge all those who have witnessed the rape, she needs Sarah to testify.
All actors – Kelly McGillis, Jodie Foster, Bernie Coulson, Leo Rossi, Ann Hearn, Carmen Argenziano, Steve Antin, Tom O'Brien, Peter Van Norden, Terry David Mulligan, Woody Brown, Scott Paulin
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