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Jodie Foster
November 19, 1962
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Jodie Foster quotes
  • “- David Drumlin: I wish the world was a place where fair was the bottom line, where the kind of idealism you showed at the hearing was rewarded, not taken advantage of. Unfortunately, we don't live in that world.
    - Ellie Arroway: Funny, I've always believed that the world is what we make of it.”

    Tom Skerritt - David Drumlin
    Jodie Foster - Eleanor Arroway
  • “- The Kralahome, Prime Minister: When presented to His Majesty, you and your son will remember to touch forehead to floor.
    - Anna Leonowens: Your Excellency, although we have become better acquainted with your customs, we have certainly not forgotten our own.
    - The Kralahome, Prime Minister: Then how will you greet him?
    - Anna Leonowens: With...” (continue)
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    Syed Alwi - The Kralahome
    Jodie Foster - Anna
  • “- Detective Keith Frazier: What do you think he's going to do?
    - Madeleiene White: Well, he's not gonna kill anyone.
    - Detective Keith Frazier: How do you know?
    - Madeleiene White: Because he's not a murderer.
    - Detective Keith Frazier: How do you know? I got news for you. Most of the guys up in Sing Sing weren't murderers until they killed...” (continue)
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    Denzel Washington - Detective Keith Frazier
    Jodie Foster - Madeleine White
  • “- Dr. Hannibal Lecter: What a naughty boy he is! Do you know why he's called 'Buffalo Bill'? Please tell me, the newspapers won't say.
    - Clarice Starling: Well, it started as a bad joke in Kansas City homicide. They said, 'this one likes to skin his humps'.”

    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Dr. Hannibal Lecter
    Jodie Foster - Clarice Starling
    [Tag:murder, nickname]
  • - Dr. Hannibal Lecter: What did Miggs say to you? Multiple Miggs in the next cell. He hissed at you. What did he say?
    - Clarice Starling: He said, "I can smell your cunt".
    - Dr. Hannibal Lecter: I see. I myself cannot. You use Evyan skin cream, and sometimes you wear L'Air du Temps, but not today.

    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Dr. Hannibal Lecter
    Jodie Foster - Clarice Starling
  • “- King Mongkut: You do not look sufficient of age for scientific teaching. How many years have you?
    - Anna Leonowens: Enough to know that age and wisdom do not necessarily go hand in hand, Your Majesty.”

    Chow Yun-Fat - King Mongkut
    Jodie Foster - Anna
    [Tag:age, teaching, wisdom]
  • “The sooner you stop being my problem and start being my solution the better off you'll be.”
    Jodie Foster - Madeleine White
  • “See that's all I want to do Billy-Boy. I want to leap of this pier and fly high in the air with hang with the wind and drift through the clouds, and at night, with the Moon full and the sea wild, I meet my lover high on a cliff and we'd swoop down into the ocean and swim all the way touch the bottom up through the dark water and break the...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Jodie Foster - Katie Chandler
  • “- Keith Frazier: You got a card, in case I need to call you?
    - Madeleiene White: Please don't take this personally, but no. I don't think you can afford me.
    - Keith Frazier: Well, don't take this personally, Miss White. Kiss my black ass, okay?
    - Madeleiene White: Careful, Detective. My bite is much worse than my bark.”

    Denzel Washington - Detective Keith Frazier
    Jodie Foster - Madeleine White
  • “- Prostitute #1: This is Irmy, she's with the circus. She needs a place to flop tonight.
    - Prostitute #2: What do you do in the circus, huh?
    - Irmy: I'm a sword-swallower.
    - Prostitute #3: Oh, a sword-swallower, that's my specialty, too.”

    Lily Tomlin - Prostitute
    Mia Farrow - Irmy
    Jodie Foster - Prostitute
    Kathy Bates - Prostitute
  • “- Anna Leonowens: You have the power to lead your people...
    - King Mongkut: Now is not the time to change the way that things are done!
    - Anna Leonowens: Well, if not now, then when? How many more people must die so that you might save face?”

    Jodie Foster - Anna
    Chow Yun-Fat - King Mongkut
  • “In my letter confirming my employment, Your Majesty, you claimed you wanted Siam to take its place among the nations of the modern world. You spoke of building something greater than yourself. A country where no man is above the law. Which is why I chose to come here.”
    Jodie Foster - Anna
    [Tag:law, modernity, rules]
  • “I'm not interested in your little ideas. I'm interested in something much larger. This habitat is dying. There is a political sickness inside of it. A tumor that needs to be removed. You and your company are in need of revenue... that is dying up. So... you built the torus. Can you override the servers and place a new president in power?”
    Jodie Foster - Delacourt
  • “- Detective Mercer: How did you... pull it back together after what happened to you?
    - Erica: It's a fair question. You... you become someone else. A stranger.”

    Terrence Howard - Detective Mercer
    Jodie Foster - Erica Bain
    [Tag:changing, pain]
  • “- Tuptim: I remember my first rice festival. People come from everywhere to see the king. He bless all crops and it begin to rain. I think he was a God.
    - Anna Leonowens: And now?
    - Tuptim: He is also a man.”

    Bai Ling - Tuptim
    Jodie Foster - Anna
    [Tag:king, mankind, power]
  • “I was given something wonderful, something that changed me forever... A vision of the universe that tells us, undeniably, how tiny, and insignificant and how... rare, and precious we all are! A vision that tells us that we belong to something that is greater then ourselves, that we are not... that none of us are alone!”
    Jodie Foster - Eleanor Arroway
  • “Acting just happens to be my skill, but I think I would probably be just as happy being a technician or entering into the film business in some other way.”
    Jodie Foster
  • “Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from.”
    Jodie Foster
  • “Cruelty might be very human, and it might be cultural, but it's not acceptable.”
    Jodie Foster
  • - Interpreter: Sir is married?
    - Anna Leonowens: A widow. Can you please explain to me why you call me "Sir"?
    - Interpreter: Women do not stand in the presence of His Excellency.

    Afdlin Shauki - Interpreter
    Jodie Foster - Anna
    [Tag:custom, widow, women]
  • “- Dede Tate: Guess what next Saturday is.
    - Fred Tate: You get your period, I get a day alone in the park.
    - Dede Tate: Very funny, lameo.”

    Jodie Foster - Dede Tate
    Adam Hann-Byrd - Fred Tate
  • “- Kyle Pratt: So you have any kids?
    - Fiona: Do nieces count?”

    Jodie Foster - Kyle Pratt
    Erika Christensen - Fiona
  • - Meg Altman: Get out of my house!
    - Sarah Altman: Say fuck!
    - Meg Altman: Fuck!
    - Sarah Altman: Mom! "Get the fuck out of my house!".
    - Meg Altman: Get the fuck out of my house!

    Jodie Foster - Meg Altman
    Kristen Stewart - Sarah Altman
    [Tag:house, insult, thieves]
  • “- Anna Leonowens: I would like to know why, if science can unravel something as beautiful as music... why it cannot posit a solution for a schoolteacher and a king.
    - King Mongkut: The manner in which people might understand such new possibilities is also process of evolution.
    - Anna Leonowens: Everything in Siam has its own time.”

    Jodie Foster - Anna
    Chow Yun-Fat - King Mongkut
  • “All I'm asking is for you to just have the tiniest bit of vision. You know, to just sit back for one minute and look at the big picture. To take a chance on something that just might end up being the most profoundly impactful moment for humanity, for the history... of history.”

    Jodie Foster - Eleanor Arroway