“Little Man Tate” quotes

Movie Little Man Tate
Jodie Foster directed this movie in 1991
Title Little Man Tate
Year 1991
Director Jodie Foster
Genre Drama
Plot – Fred Tate is a child prodigy who solves difficult math problems and plays the piano beautifully. His mother Dede is a waitress and would like to preserve him his childhood. Dede meets Dr. Jane Grierson, a former child prodigy, who runs a foundation for child prodigies and invites Fred there. At first Dede refuses, then the boy is admitted and performs successfully in math puzzles. The boy follows physics lectures in the university and Jane takes to heart Fred and tries to win his affection. He's invited to a TV show but the boy runs home. Jane convinces herself nothing can substitute for a boy the mother figure, meanwhile Dede has overcome her hostility towards Jane for the sake of his son.
All actors – Jodie Foster, Dianne Wiest, Adam Hann-Byrd, Harry Connick Jr., David Hyde Pierce, Debi Mazar, P.J. Ochlan, Alex Lee, Michael Shulman, Nathan Lee, Celia Weston, Danitra Vance, Richard Fredette, George Plimpton, Jennifer Trier, John Bell, Ishe Costa, Chucky Ocampo, Mark Lienhart, Richard Hanson, Mar Ya Zuke, Lauren Ashley Stacey, Josh Mostel, Michael Mantell, Erica Staton, Michael Keavy, Carolyn Lawrence, George Kaufman, Gordon Greene, Barry J. Williams, Alexandra Auder, Sam Womelsdorf, Ellen McElduff, Adam Midkiff, Sheadrick Richards, Elizabeth Frietsch, Bob Balaban, Lonzo Jones, Michael Newman, Julia Rosendale
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