“The Big Fix” quotes

Movie The Big Fix
Title The Big Fix
Year 1978
Director Jeremy Kagan
Genre Comedy, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Separated from his wife Suzanne, who demands a middle-class life and accuses him of being a 'failed Marxist', Moses Wine works as a private investigator in order to put together money for his ex-wife and therefore have the right to see his beloved children. During an election campaign, a certain Sam Sebastian, the manager of candidate Hawthorn, hires Moses to track down Howard Eppis, a young leader of the Berkeley riots, who has long been absent from American life. Moses is contacted by Sebastian thanks to Lila, Moses's former girlfriend and partner during the student riots of their youth. The keen Moses Wine, thanks to the help of lawyer Spitzler manages to talk with two rioters serving life sentences and gets a name out of them: Oscar Procary Jr. Confusion increases when the investigator is contacted by Oscar Procary Senior, who asks him to find his son. The police, as well as some mysterious killers, start following poor Moses, who cannot make any connection between Procary, Eppis and Hawthorn. Lila gets killed. Moses then starts digging into the case and, a terrible attack, discovers that Eppis lives in disguise as a middle-class man, making a lot of money with revolutionary slogans and advertising. Sam Sebastian is really Oscar Procary Jr. and his father is the dark soul of a conspiracy.
All actors – Richard Dreyfuss, Susan Anspach, Bonnie Bedelia, John Lithgow, Ofelia Medina, Nicolas Coster, F. Murray Abraham, Fritz Weaver, Jorge Cervera Jr., Michael Hershewe, Rita Karin, Ron Rifkin
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