“The Name of the Rose” quotes

Movie The Name of the Rose
Jean-Jacques Annaud directed this movie in 1986
Title The Name of the Rose
Original title Der Name der Rose
Year 1986
Director Jean-Jacques Annaud
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – In the fall of 1327, Father William Baskerville, a former Franciscan Inquisitor and an intellectual, arrives at a monastery in the Italian Alps with the novice Adso of Melk. The monastery is to host a meeting of Franciscans, Dominicans and papal delegates who will clarify some articles of faith. William, though, realizes that there is tension and fear among the monks and finally discovers that a young miniaturist monk has been found dead at the foot of the tower of the monastery, provoking the fear of some demonic influence. William begins his investigation into the event but he soon realizes that some monks are doing their best to dissuade him from seeking the truth. Meanwhile, another young translator monk, friend of the previously deceased Adelmo, is found dead. William is increasingly attracted by the mystery of the deaths and is convinced that the solution is in the cryptic nature of some very ancient texts. A herbalist monk collaborates with William to clarify some circumstances of the deaths, but many other monks keep opposing William. After new discoveries among the ancient texts of the monastery library and other deaths, things get even more complicated when papal delegates and the severe inquisitor Bernard Guy arrive at the monastery and are quickly convinced that the author of so many crimes is someone influenced by the devil. The inquisitor is sure that he has found the three authors of the crimes and condemns them to the stake as heretics against the advice of William, who knows very well that they are innocent. After overcoming pitfalls and reticence of every kind, William uncovers the mysteries of the monastery and is about to reveal them to everyone, when Jorge stops him by making sure the old library with all its precious books is set on fire. The wise Franciscan and his novice rescue a few books and escape the massive fire in which old Jorge loses his life. After preparing the bonfires for the three presumed heretics, the papal delegates and the inquisitor leave with the fire now raging around the monastery. Two of the condemned are burned alive but the third, a girl, is spared. The monks return to the old building to save what they can. In his desperate flight the inquisitor has an accident in his carriage; he is reached by the mob and thrown into a ravine for the ruthlessness of his verdict. Peace is re-established in the monastery: the fire has destroyed many things, but the perpetrators of the crimes are gone. William and Adso leave on their journey.
All actors – Sean Connery, Christian Slater, Helmut Qualtinger, Elya Baskin, Michael Lonsdale, Volker Prechtel, Feodor Chaliapin Jr., William Hickey, Michael Habeck, Urs Althaus, Valentina Vargas, Ron Perlman, Leopoldo Trieste, Franco Valobra, Vernon Dobtcheff, Donald O'Brien, Andrew Birkin, F. Murray Abraham, Lucien Bodard, Peter Berling, Pete Lancaster, Dwight Weist, Franco Adducci, Niko Brücher, Aristide Caporale, Fabio Carfora, Peter Clös, Mario Diano, Fabrizio Fontana, Rolando Fucili, Valerio Isidori, Luigi Leoni, Armando Marra, Maurizio Mauri, Ludger Pistor, Francesco Scali, Maria Tedeschi, Andrea Tilli, Ennio Lollainni, Emil Feist, Francesco Maselli, Renato Nebolini, Antonio Cetta, Franco Covielleo, Daniele Ferretti, Sabatino Gennardo, Luciano Invidia, Mauro Leoni, Massimiliano Scarpa, Umberto Zuanelli, Mark Bellinghaus, David Furtwaengler, Patric Kreuzer, Kim Rossi Stuart, Lars Bodin-Jorgensen, Franco Diogene, Giordano Falzoni, Eckehard Koch, Gina Poli, Gianni Rizzo, Lothar Schoenbrodt, Vittorio Zarfati, Carlo Bianchino, Eugenio Bonardi, Pietro Ceccarelli, Franco Marino, Hans Schödel, Peter Welz, Alberto Capone, Gaston Bonheur
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