“The Big Green” quotes

Movie The Big Green
Title The Big Green
Year 1995
Director Holly Goldberg Sloan
Genre Comedy, Sport, Family
Plot – Anna is an English primary school teacher who moves to USA. At school she realizes the pupils have no enthusiasm, so to raise their spirits Anna organizes a soccer team to participate to the championship. The help of Sheriff Tom Palmer is crucial.
All actors – Steve Guttenberg, Olivia d'Abo, Jay O. Sanders, John Terry, Chauncey Leopardi, Patrick Renna, Billy L. Sullivan, Yareli Arizmendi, Bug Hall, Jessica Robertson, Anthony Esquivel, Jordan Brower
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  • “- Larry Musgrove: I got a question.
    - Sheriff Tom Palmer: That's great! Great, participation! Fire away, big guy!
    - Larry Musgrove: While you're here, who's giving out speeding tickets and scooping dead animals off the highway?
    - Sheriff Tom Palmer: All right, no more questions.”

    Patrick Renna - Larry Musgrove
    Steve Guttenberg - Sheriff Tom Palmer
  • That's how you know they're not coming back. People only say "goodbye" when they plan on saying "hello" again. It's a rule.
    Jessica Robertson - Kate Douglas
  • “- Kate Douglas: You didn't even say goodbye.
    - Juan Morales: Don't be mad. I wanted to.
    - Kate Douglas: Well, next time you leave, say goodbye.
    - Juan Morales: Next time I leave, I'll just take you with me.”

    Jessica Robertson - Kate Douglas
    Anthony Esquivel - Juan Morales
    [Tag:farewell, love]
  • “- Miss Anna Mongomery: I think Juan would want you to do well in school and in soccer.
    - Kate Douglas: He wouldn't want me to do well. He'd want me to win.”

    Olivia d'Abo - Miss Anna Montgomery
    Jessica Robertson - Kate Douglas
    [Tag:school, sport, winning]