“The Doctor” quotes

Movie The Doctor
Title The Doctor
Year 1991
Director Randa Haines
Genre Drama
Interpreted by
Plot – Jack McKee, a brilliant unscrupulous surgeon in his forties, works making jokes and puns to his assistants even during the most dramatic moments of a surgery. When he realizes he has a throat tumor, he becomes a patient and he must face annoying tests, physicians' arrogance and bureaucratic paper work. However, he discovers a sense of humanity and solidarity among the sick: one person who stands out is young June Ellis, whose brain tumor was diagnosed too late because her insurance did not cover the only expensive test that could have diagnosed her illness in time. Despite knowing she is doomed, the woman has a great strength of mind and a positive attitude towards life and towards others. Jack is married to Anne and dialogue between the two has long been reduced to small talk. Both are busy with their respective professional lives and the new situation forces them closer, although an invisible barrier still seems to prevent a sincere dialogue.
All actors – William Hurt, Christine Lahti, Elizabeth Perkins, Mandy Patinkin, Adam Arkin, Charlie Korsmo, Wendy Crewson, Bill Macy, J.E. Freeman, William Marquez, Kyle Secor, Nicole Orth-Pallavicini
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