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Movie Jane Eyre
Franco Zeffirelli directed this movie in 1996
Title Jane Eyre
Year 1996
Director Franco Zeffirelli
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Jane Eyre grows up at Gateshead Hall, then she attends Lowood School where her only consolation is the friendship with Helen Burns. As an adult, Jane is employed as a governess at Thornfield Hall, a large country house. There she meets Mrs. Fairfax, her nice pupil Adele and the eccentric owner Edward Rochester. Richard Mason arrives to Thornfield Hall and gets hurt, so Rochester asks Jane to help him. Meanwhile Jane's aunt Reed is dying and she goes to visit her. Once back Rochester proposes, but a lawyer and Richard Mason stop the celebrations. Rochester is forced to reveal the presence of Bertha, Rochester's wife and Richard's sister. Jane is upset and flees while Bertha burns down the house, then an irresistible impulse leads Jane to come back to Thornfield, but the mansion is now a blackened ruin. Rochester is alive but he has lost his sight to save Bertha. As she has committed suicide, they can now marry and rebuild their lives.
All actors – Anna Paquin, Nic Knight, Nicola Howard, Sasha Graff, Fiona Shaw, John Wood, Geraldine Chaplin, Amanda Root, Leanne Rowe, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Richard Warwick, Judith Parker, Joan Plowright, Joséphine Serre, Billie Whitelaw, William Hurt, Simon Beresford, Chris Larkin, Elle Macpherson, Miranda Forbes, Ann Queensberry, Sheila Burrell, Sara Stevens, Oriane Messina, Marissa Dunlop, Julian Fellowes, Barry Martin, Walter Sparrow, Steffan Boje, Golda Broderick, Edward de Souza, John Tranter, Samuel West, Charlotte Attenborough, Ralph Nossek, Peter Woodthorpe, Maria Schneider
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