“Michael” quotes

Movie Michael
Nora Ephron directed this movie in 1996
Title Michael
Year 1996
Director Nora Ephron
Genre Drama, Comedy, Fantasy
Plot – At the newsweekly “National Mirror” arrives the news of Michael's existence, a bearded angel with a pair of large wings. The journalist Frank Quinlan goes to Iowa to write about it, assisted by the reporter Huey and the expert Dorothy. The meeting with this weird angel takes place at Mrs. Millbank’s house. The angel is a playboy, he goes to parties, he drinks a lot of beer, he smokes and he makes unexpected miracles. Frank and Dorothy think it is a bluff, but in the meantime they become friends and they even spend a night together. The angel’s time on the Earth is over. Frank fires himself and the couple breaks up. However, after a while, Frank proposes to Dorothy. Michael and Mrs. Millbank watch the scene satisfied.
All actors – John Travolta, Andie MacDowell, William Hurt, Bob Hoskins, Robert Pastorelli, Jean Stapleton, Teri Garr, Wallace Langham, Joey Lauren Adams, Carla Gugino, Tom Hodges, Catherine Lloyd Burns
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