“They Call Me Bruce?” quotes

Movie They Call Me Bruce?
Title They Call Me Bruce?
Year 1982
Director Elliott Hong
Genre Comedy, Action
All actors – Johnny Yune, Margaux Hemingway, Raf Mauro, Pam Huntington, Martin Azarow, Tony Brande, Bill Capizzi, Harvey Vernon, Heshimu Cumbuka, Bob Hannah, René Le Vant, Vidonne Sayre Linn
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  • “- Joon: I'll make you proud of me. When I grow up, I'll make lots of money.
    - Grandfather: Let me tell you, grandson. Money is not the most important thing in life. The most important thing is... broads. Broads!”

    John Louie - Joon
    Johnny Yune - Grandfather
    [Tag:money, women]
  • “- Anita: My name's Anita. What's yours?
    - Bruce: They call me Bruce.
    - Anita: Bruce? Like Bruce Lee.
    - Bruce: Of course.
    - Anita: Then you must know kung fu.
    - Bruce: Yes, I stepped in some yesterday.”

    Pam Huntington - Anita
    Johnny Yune - Bruce
    [Tag:fighting, japan, name]
  • “I am a sex object. I always ask women for sex, and they object.”
    Johnny Yune - Bruce
    [Tag:rejection, sex, women]
  • “- Bruce: Do you like sushi like I like sushi?
    - Cowboy Ned: I like Susie... Susie's my girl!
    - Bruce: Oh, I had sushi last night!”

    Johnny Yune - Bruce
    Bruce Paul Barbour - Cowboy Ned
  • “Look at my eyes. I am Oriental.”

    Johnny Yune - Bruce
    [Tag:china, eyes]