“Twice Upon a Time” quotes

Movie Twice Upon a Time
Title Twice Upon a Time
Year 1983
Directors John Korty, Charles Swenson
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Animation, Action
All actors – Lorenzo Music, Judith Kahan, Marshall Efron, James Cranna, Julie Payne, Hamilton Camp, Paul Frees, Gillian Gould, Geraldine Green, Larry Green, William Hall, David Korty
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  • “Happy as rats they are. They tap dance not, neither do they fart.”

    Hamilton Camp - Greensleeves
  • “- The Fairy Godmother: You have a resume, perhaps I could check something out?
    - Rod Rescueman: Yeah I do, right here. It's a blank piece of paper but it is notarized and it's legal signed.”

    Judith Kahan - The Fairy Godmother
    James Cranna - Rod Rescueman
  • “- Flora: Uncle Greenie, where are you?
    - Greensleeves: Under the door, ya twit!
    - Rod Rescueman: That's a pretty stupid place to be when people are knocking doors down!”

    Julie Payne - Flora Fauna
    Hamilton Camp - Greensleeves
    James Cranna - Rod Rescueman
    [Tag:place, stupidity]
  • “- Rod Rescueman: I'm a super hero!
    - The Fairy Godmother: You're kidding
    - Rod Rescueman: I'm actually not a full fledged one, I'm on my learner's permit but that's almost as good.”

    James Cranna - Rod Rescueman
    Judith Kahan - The Fairy Godmother
    [Tag:heroes, learning]
  • “Call me F.G.M. I hate excess verbiage.”
    Judith Kahan - The Fairy Godmother
    [Tag:name, nickname]
  • - Botch: They love to be friendly except they rush around so much, they don't have the time to be friendly.
    - Ralph: The "what" don't they?
    - Botch: The time. They have clocks and watches on their wrists which tell them the time they don't have because they are always rushing.

    Marshall Efron - Synonamess Botch
    Lorenzo Music - Ralph, the All-Purpose Animal
    [Tag:kindness, time]
  • “- The Fairy Godmother: Who are you?
    - Rod Rescueman: My name is Rod Rescueman.
    - The Fairy Godmother: And what do I learn from that?
    - Rod Rescueman: My name.”

    Judith Kahan - The Fairy Godmother
    James Cranna - Rod Rescueman
    [Tag:learning, name]
  • “I'm through with nightmare scripts! I'm starting to work on The Great Amurkian Novel! Pulitzer Prize, here I come!”
    James Cranna - Scuzzbopper
    [Tag:ambition, writing]