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  • “Earl was the brains. One of the top numbers guys in Harlem. Inside or out, nothing ever went down without discussing it with Earl. Rocco had all the connections. Rocco didn't talk like no wiseguy. He spoke nice and soft. Dignified.”
    Jay Hernandez - Carlito Brigante
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  • “- Jenkins: We have been together for quite some time, now; I see no reason to discontinue the association.
    - Jackson: I got the idea: pie four ways is better than no pie at all.
    - Jenkins: Then we are in agreement?
    - Henri: Totally, completely, in every which way.”

    Roddy McDowall - Jenkins
    Cleavon Little - Jackson
    James Coco - Henri
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  • “My dear fellows, this is our punishment for associating with the hoi polloi.”
    Moe Howard - Moe
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  • “- David Jason: This is John Hull, my new associate.
    - Betty McCutcheon: Your new Eddie. I hear the old one wore out.
    - David Jason: Well. Factory recall. This is the advanced model.”

    Jeff Goldblum - David Jason
    Victoria Dillard - Betty
  • “- Vince: Look, I don't wanna get in the middle of no big gang hassle!
    - Savon: Gang? You think we some punk-ass gang?
    - King James: I am a businessman. These are my associates.”

    Bill Paxton - Vince
    Ice Cube - Savon
    Ice-T - King James
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  • “These guys are worse than Hare Krishnas!”

    Woody Allen - Nick
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