“Carlito's Way:Rise to Power” quotes

Movie Carlito's Way:Rise to Power
Title Carlito's Way:Rise to Power
Year 2005
Director Michael Bregman
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Action
All actors – Jay Hernandez, Mario Van Peebles, Luis Guzmán, Sean Combs, Michael Kelly, Giancarlo Esposito, Jaclyn DeSantis, Burt Young, Mtume Gant, Domenick Lombardozzi, Juan Carlos Hernández, Eric Nieves
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  • “There ain't gonna be no hustlers when the Revolution comes. They all gonna get lined up against the wall with all the other oppressors.”
    Mtume Gant - Reggie
    [Tag:drugs, threat]
  • “What I tell you? One day you gonna meet the right kind of man.”

    Jaime Tirelli - Leticia's father
  • “Now, this is historical. A Puerto Rican, a brother, an Italian, all bunking together in the joint.”
    Jay Hernandez - Carlito Brigante
  • “Puerto Rican's been getting jammed since the fortys, and ain't nobody said nothing. My people. They hit New York and filed into the roach stables in Spanish Harlem and the South Bronx. They sat behind the sewing machines, stood behind the steam tables and marched behind the brooms. In other words, they busted their ass.”
    Jay Hernandez - Carlito Brigante
    [Tag:migration, money]
  • “I do not give a shit if you knock over Fort Knox. If I don't get my two million back before the week's out, your testicles are gonna be jammed in your eye sockets. You get that? In you're fucking eye sockets!”
    Burt Young - Artie Bottolota Sr.
  • Listen do me a favor with Reggie. Spend a little time with him. He ain't listening to me, I'm his brother. You hang out with him, you become his friend, maybe something rubs off. Teach him how to dress right, you know, command some respect. Maybe then he can work with me. Take over.”
    Mario Van Peebles - Earl
    [Tag:friends, helping]
  • “When you take something that's mine, that offends me. It's spitting in my face.”
    Sean Combs - Hollywood Nicky
  • “Earl was the brains. One of the top numbers guys in Harlem. Inside or out, nothing ever went down without discussing it with Earl. Rocco had all the connections. Rocco didn't talk like no wiseguy. He spoke nice and soft. Dignified.”
    Jay Hernandez - Carlito Brigante
  • “What's the first rule in life? What's the first rule in life above all others? What is the first commandment the Lord God gave us? Don't mess with Hoppy. Just don't mess with him.”
    Sean Combs - Hollywood Nicky
    [Tag:life, rules]
  • “I'm Carlito Brigante. You ever heard of me? Then you know I ain't no fucking dry cleaner. Now, you can leave like you came in. Or you can go in the trunk of my car. All up to you. Comprende?”
    Jay Hernandez - Carlito Brigante
  • “Carlito, Carlito. You listen to Nacho. This loyalty that you have for your friends, it's rare in this business. But someday, it's gonna get you killed.”
    Luis Guzmán - Nacho Reyes
  • “I know who you are, Carlito Brigante. You think you own this neighborhood. And all the hard working people, they belong to you, but no. All you, all you own is the junkies.”
    Juan Carlos Hernandez - Sigfredo
  • “- Earl: Brother, relax. You come in next week, we'll work something out.
    - Hollywood Nicky: First of all, I ain't your motherfucking brother. And there ain't gonna be no next week unless we work this shit out now. Right now.”

    Mario Van Peebles - Earl
    Sean Combs - Hollywood Nicky
    [Tag:deal, meeting, threat]
  • “What do you think you're doing? Putting up schools and nursing homes? You motherfucker's are heroin dealers.”

    Mtume Gant - Reggie
    [Tag:crime, drugs, helping]
  • “- Rocco: Want to start making some real money, Charlie?
    - Carlito Brigante: Like, who don't?”

    Michael Kelly - Rocco
    Jay Hernandez - Carlito Brigante
    [Tag:business, money]
  • “How did I survive growing up? Hustling, thieving, break-in's. Anything for dollars in them days. Blacks on one side, Italians on the other, and Puerto Ricans stuck right there in the middle. And any way you cross the line could get your ass killed!”
    Jay Hernandez - Carlito Brigante
  • “Fuck you, Carlito. You said next time you see me gonna be bad. Well, you shouldn't have come looking then, because you dying first.”
    Mtume Gant - Reggie
    [Tag:rivalry, threat]
  • “I got my dignity, my pride.”
    Jay Hernandez - Carlito Brigante
  • “You ain't a street hood no more. You a businessman. You gotta start thinking like one.”
    Mario Van Peebles - Earl
  • “I'm only letting you out of here, if you have dinner with me. Otherwise, I'm coming into the house, I'm gonna wake everybody up, introduce myself, maybe uh make some coffee.”

    Jay Hernandez - Carlito Brigante