“Trespass” quotes

Movie Trespass
Title Trespass
Year 1992
Director Walter Hill
Genre Thriller, Action
Plot – Don and Vince learn from a dying man a precious booty still lies hidden after many years. They drive from Arkansas to Illinois to retrieve it as the building where it's hidden is now abandoned. Bradlee, an old black homeless, lives there and they immobilize him, then they discover the booty, meanwhile two Puerto Ricans brothers, James and Lucky, arrive as the building is their refuge too. Don and Vince are trapped and a dramatic siege begins. The two teams shoot each other until Bradlee shows Don and Vince an escape through the chimney. A terrible fire devastates the building and only Vince and Bradlee survive. The homeless manages to keep the precious bag secretly.
All actors – Bill Paxton, Ice-T, William Sadler, Ice Cube, Art Evans, De'voreaux White, Bruce A. Young, Glenn Plummer, Stoney Jackson, T.E. Russell, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, John Toles-Bey
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  • “- Vince: It's been up there fifty years and it isn't even tarnished!
    - Bradlee: That's the beauty of gold. It never tarnishes. Lasts forever, too. You can twist it, pound it, even piss on it but it's always the same gold. It was here long before we were and it'll be here a long time after we're gone. I bet you a lot of men have died for the gold...” (continue)
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    Bill Paxton - Vince
    Art Evans - Bradlee
    [Tag:gold, time]
  • "King" James. Like he's king of the street or something. Ain't nobody king of the street! It's all about survival! It's all about gettin' yours! It ain't about takin' no chances. And it damn sure ain't about jeopardizing your whole motherfuckin' crew!
    Ice Cube - Savon
  • “The only thing a man's got is his family and his pride. That's all he's got.”
    Ice-T - King James
    [Tag:family, men, pride]
  • “- King James: Raymond. I need you to do some recon for me. See how those country motherfuckers got here. I know they didn't walk.
    - Raymond: I ain't got time to be playin' army with you trigger-happy motherfuckers! I got business to tend to!
    - King James: Cancel it. I'm hiring you for the rest of the day.”

    Ice-T - King James
    Bruce A. Young - Raymond
    [Tag:business, money]
  • “- Vince: Look, I don't wanna get in the middle of no big gang hassle!
    - Savon: Gang? You think we some punk-ass gang?
    - King James: I am a businessman. These are my associates.”

    Bill Paxton - Vince
    Ice Cube - Savon
    Ice-T - King James