15 Movie Quotes about Dogs

15 Movie Quotes about Dogs

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Dogs are man's best friend
The first time the phrase ‘man’s best friend’ was used, was in 1789 by King Frederick of Prussia. Once they were mighty wild wolves and today they are our fabulous, fluffy and loyal companions. We provide them with shelter, warmth, food and safety and they give us their loyalty and plenty of love. Dogs, like wolves, are pack animals. We are their pack so they will protect and support us no matter the cost. Cute, right?

From the movie: Knives Out

“Best judge of character is a dog. I've found that to be true.”

Daniel Craig - Benoit Blanc

From the movie: A Dog's Purpose

“So, in all my lives as a dog, here's what I've learned. Have fun, obviously. Whenever possible, find someone to save, and save them. Lick the ones you love. Don't get all sad-faced about what happened and scrunchy-faced about what could. Just be here now.”

Josh Gad - Bailey

From the movie: The Secret Life of Pets

“She's a dog person, Max. And dog people do weird, inexplicable things. Like... they get dogs instead of cats.”

talking about Katie

Lake Bell - Chloe

From the movie: A Dog's Purpose

“From that moment on, the girl was a member of our pack. I liked her. Plus she smelled like biscuits.”

talking about Hannah

Josh Gad - Bailey

From the movie: Last of the Dogmen

“It's a little disconcerting to realize that the smartest member of our expedition's the dog.”

Barbara Hershey - Prof. Lillian Diane Sloan

From the movie: Doctor Dolittle

“- Dr. John Dolittle: Shut up. You're a dog. Dogs cannot talk!
- Lucky: What the hell do you think barking is, an involuntary spasm?”

Eddie Murphy - Dr. John Dolittle
Norm MacDonald - Lucky

From the movie: Trainwreck

“- The Dog Owner: I need help with my dog.
- The Dogwalker: I can see that. I would love to be the one to help you with your dog.
- The Dog Owner: What's your technique?
- The Dogwalker: I put them on a leash and walk them.”

Marisa Tomei - The Dog Owner
Daniel Radcliffe - The Dogwalker

From the movie: Marley & Me

“A dog has no use for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. A water log stick will do just fine.”

Owen Wilson - John

From the movie: Oliver & Company

“Hey, I don't eat cats, too much fur!”

to Oliver when they first meet

Billy Joel - Dodger

From the movie: The Journey of Natty Gann

“- Harry: Nice dog.
- Natty Gann: It's a wolf.”

John Cusack - Harry
Meredith Salenger - Natty Gann

From the movie: Taken 2

“When a dog has a bone, the last thing you want to do is try and take it from.”

Liam Neeson - Bryan Mills

From the movie: Lethal Weapon 3

“We can't shoot a dog. People? Okay, but not dogs.”

Mel Gibson - Martin Riggs

From the movie: Darling Companion

“- Joseph: We haven't lost a person. We lost a dog.
- Beth: Love is love. It doesn't matter if it's a dog.”

Kevin Kline - Joseph
Diane Keaton - Beth

From the movie: Neon Maniacs

- Natalie: What's his or her name?
- Steven: Dog!
- Natalie: You named your dog "Dog"?
- Steven: See, I thought about 'Cat', but...

Leilani Sarelle - Natalie
Clyde Hayes - Steven

From the movie: My Dog Skip

“Like all dogs, Skip was colorblind. He made friends easily with people of all races and origins. The town was segregated back then, but as we know, dogs are a whole lot smarter than people.”

Harry Connick Jr. - Narrator

From the movie: Moving

“- Woman: Excuse me, does your dog bite?
- Arlo Pear: Ma'am, that dog hasn't farted since March '78.”

Richard Pryor - Arlo Pear

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