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Identikit and personal data
Martin Patterson
Last name
Pat Hingle
July 19, 1924
January 3, 2009
North American
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Pat Hingle movie quotes, phrases and lines
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Pat Hingle quotes
  • “- Sam Brewster: You got him in the arm
    - Crane Adams: I aimed for his Reb heart.
    - Sam Brewster: Your performance is never up to your intentions.”

    Pat Hingle - Sam Brewster
    David Clifford - Crane Adams
  • “I should have let him be punished then, along with the other filth. But he was my only son. His mother died giving birth to him. He and I are all each other have. I was afraid for him. Afraid for me. See, I was a public figure. So I did things. I fixed it.”

    Pat Hingle - Chief Jannings
    [Tag:guilt, police, son]
  • “- Bobo Justus: Did I buy you that dress you piece of shit?
    - Lilly Dillon: Well I guess so, you're the guy I work for.”

    Pat Hingle - Bobo Justus
    Anjelica Huston - Lilly Dillon
    [Tag:boss, money, shopping]
  • “I've had exactly the kind of career I hoped for.”
    Pat Hingle
  • “Looking like I do has allowed me to make a good living in all kinds of media. It's a blessing and I'm aware of it.”
    Pat Hingle
  • “The stage is an actors' medium. ”
    Pat Hingle
    [Tag:actors, stage]
  • “- Bobo Justus: One question. Do you want to stick to that story, or do you want to keep your teeth?
    - Lilly Dillon: I want to keep my teeth.”

    Pat Hingle - Bobo Justus
    Anjelica Huston - Lilly Dillon
    [Tag:obedience, safety]
  • “- Chief Lester Jannings: You're the famous Harry Callahan. So I'm going to tell you two things. We don't have any trouble in this town and we don't need any from you. Got it?
    - Harry Callahan: Aye-aye, sir.”

    Pat Hingle - Chief Jannings
    Clint Eastwood - Harry Callahan
  • “Once upon this same earth, beneath this same sun, long before you, before the ape and the elephant, as well; before the wolf, the bison, the whale, before the mammoth and the mastodon, in the time of the dinosaurs. Now the dinosaurs were of two kinds. Some had flat teeth, and ate the leaves of trees, and some had sharp teeth for eating meat, and...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Pat Hingle - Narrator
  • “- Bobo Justus: You want to talk to me straight up?
    - Lilly Dillon: My son.
    - Bobo Justus: Your what?
    - Lilly Dillon: My son was in the hospital.
    - Bobo Justus: What the fuck are you doing with a son?”

    Pat Hingle - Bobo Justus
    Anjelica Huston - Lilly Dillon
    [Tag:money, son]
  • “He couldn't live with it. The other vermin didn't care. But him, the guilt ate at his gut like an acid. He wanted you to come back. He would pray every night that you'd come back. Until one night he couldn't wait any longer. Took his car out and smashed it and his brains into a retaining wall.”

    Pat Hingle - Chief Jannings
    [Tag:guilt, suicide]
  • “Littlefoot knew for certain he was alone, and although the Great Valley was far away, the journey there was perillous. He would have to find his way, or the chain of life would be broken.”
    Pat Hingle - Narrator
  • “- Rooter: It is nobody's fault. The great circle of life has begun. But see, not all of us arrive together at the end.
    - Littlefoot: What'll I do? I miss her so much.
    - Rooter: And you'll always miss her. But she'll always be with you, as long as you remember the things she taught you. In a way, you'll never be apart, for you are still part of...” (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Pat Hingle - Rooter
    Gabriel Damon - Littlefoot
    [Tag:death, grief, loss]
  • “- Norma Rae: I'm gonna let this pot soak.
    - Vernon Wichard: There's one soakin' from breakfast.
    - Norma Rae: Then it's got company.”

    Sally Field - Norma Rae
    Pat Hingle - Vernon Wichard
  • “- Boss Tom Prendergast: I've got a job for you.
    - Harry S. Truman: Well, that's mighty nice of you. What's the job, dog-catcher?
    - Boss Tom Prendergast: How would you like to run for Congress?
    - Harry S. Truman: Well, Jesus Christ and General Jackson. The answer's yes.”

    Pat Hingle - Boss Tom Pendergast
    Gary Sinise - Harry S. Truman
    [Tag:job, politics]
  • “- Vernon Wichard: Who are you?
    - Reuben Warshowsky: My name is Reuben Warshowsky.
    - Vernon Wichard: Warshowsky... what kind of name is that?
    - Reuben Warshowsky: The kind you have to spell for telephone operators and head waiters.”

    Pat Hingle - Vernon Wichard
    Ron Leibman - Reuben Warshowsky