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December 27, 1963 in Buenos Aires
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Gaspar Noé quotes
  • “I want people to scream, to love, to cry - so I use all the tools I have to create emotions among the spectators. I’m playing with people I don’t know, but I hope that in the end that they share the same opinions and obsessions that I have.”
    Gaspar Noé
  • “When you're directing movies you feel more like a politician or the captain of a football team. At the end of the day you need ten or eleven good people behind you if you're gonna win the game.”
    Gaspar Noé
  • “A lot of people cry at the end of the movie. Some people come out and smoke a cigarette. Some people go for a walk or a cigarette in the middle of the movie. Each person handles the movie as he wants ... But anybody who goes to the theatre knows exactly what he is going to get.”
    Gaspar Noé
  • “Making movies to me is like constructing a roller coaster.”
    Gaspar Noé
  • “Very frequently what a life boils down to is a single, very traumatizing experience.”
    Gaspar Noé