“The Farewell” quotes

Movie The Farewell
Title The Farewell
Year 2019
Director Lulu Wang
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – The Farewell is a 2019 American comedy-drama film following the life of Billi, an aspiring Chinese-American writer, and her family who decides to schedule a fake wedding after their beloved grandmother Nai Nai is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, so they can gather everyone one last time before she dies. They also decide to keep her in the dark about her own illness but Billi who had a very close relationship with Nai Nai is struggling to accept her familys decision.
All actors – Shuzhen Zhao, Awkwafina, X Mayo, Hong Lu, Hong Lin, Tzi Ma, Diana Lin, Yang Xuejian, Becca Khalil, Yongbo Jiang, Yongbo Jiang, Han Chen, Aoi Mizuhara, Xiang Li, Hongli Liu, Shimin Zhang, Jing Zhang, Jinhang Liu, Xi Lin, Shi Lichen, Lin Wang, Xin Yue, Xiaoxiao Sun, Dong Li, Puxia Qin, Ruiqi Wang, Jim Liu, Yuqiu Geng, Yuzhuo Wang, Shouchang Xiao, Yonghua Zhao, Yonghua Zhao, Yonghua Zhao, Jing Chen, Weifeng Sun
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  • “Billi, there are things you misunderstand. You guys moved to the West long ago. You think one's life belongs to oneself. But that's the difference between the East and the West. In the East, a person's life is part of a whole. Family. Society.”
    Yongbo Jiang - Uncle Haibin
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  • “I don't like, you know, put all my emotion on display. Like I'm in the zoo. But in here, if you don't cry, you don't put a show, they think that you don't love your family. You know, in here, they even hire some professional criers. Just to show how sad they are. It's just so ridiculous. I hate that.”
    Diana Lin - Lu Jian
    [Tag:crying, family, love]
  • “You know, one of the few good memories of my childhood were those summers at Nai Nais's. They had that garden, Ye Ye and I would catch dragonflies. And then we just moved to the States. Everything was different. Everyone was gone. And it was just the three of us.”
    Awkwafina - Billi
  • “I walked the path of life and I have to say, you will face with difficulties. But you have to have an open mind. Don't be like a bull hitting his horns all over the walls of the room. Life isn't just about what you do, it's more about how you do it.”
    Shuzhen Zhao - Nai Nai
    [Tag:decision, life, mind]
  • “Chinese people have saying, when people get cancer they die. It's not cancer that kills them, it's the fear.”
    Diana Lin - Lu Jian
    [Tag:death, fear, killing]