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Movie Author! Author!
Title Author! Author!
Year 1982
Director Arthur Hiller
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance, Family
Plot – Ivan Travalian is a known playwright abandoned by his wife Gloria, who leaves him to take care of his five children alone. The man is overwhelmed by the chaotic family and cannot finish an important play, so he seeks comfort in Alice Detroit, his leading actress, but the girl soon breaks up their relationship. Ivan tries one last time to bring his wife back home but without success. During a stormy argument, Travalian realizes Gloria doesn't deserve his love and returns home to finish the play. His children's love and the comedy's success bring back serenity in Travalian's house.
All actors – Al Pacino, Dyan Cannon, Tuesday Weld, Bob Dishy, Bob Elliott, Ray Goulding, Eric Gurry, Elva Josephson, B.J. Barie, Ari Meyers, Benjamin H. Carlin, Alan King
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