“Heaven Can Wait” quotes

Movie Heaven Can Wait
Warren Beatty, Buck Henry directed this movie in 1978
Title Heaven Can Wait
Year 1978
Directors Warren Beatty, Buck Henry
Genre Comedy, Romance, Sport, Fantasy
Plot – Joe Pendleton goes to Heaven due to an angel's error. Mr. Jordan, the superintendent of the afterlife, fixes the error procuring the player a new body. Joe's new appearance is the one of Leo Fansworth, a billionaire who's about to be killed by his wife and his secretary. Despite Joe knows it, he accepts the body, then he falls in love with Betty Logans, a girl who protests against Fanswort's refineries. As Fansworth dies, Joe has to move out from the billionaire's body, but Mr. Jordan gives him a new body again, this time the one of another football champion. Now Joe can finally leads his team to the victory. After the match, Joe loses the memory of the past days but fortunately he doesn't forget Betty.
All actors – Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, James Mason, Jack Warden, Charles Grodin, Dyan Cannon, Buck Henry, Vincent Gardenia, Joseph Maher, Hamilton Camp, Arthur Malet, Stephanie Faracy
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