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  • “- Dr. Alec Harvey: Could you really say goodbye? Never see me again?
    - Laura Jesson: Yes, if you'd help me.
    - Dr. Alec Harvey: I love you, Laura. I shall love you always until the end of my life. I can't look at you now cause I know something. I know that this is the beginning of the end. Not the end of my loving you but the end of our being...” (continue)
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    Trevor Howard - Dr. Alec Harvey
    Celia Johnson - Laura Jesson
    [Tag:break-up, farewell]
  • “Never look backwards, only forward. It don’t do any good digging through mud. All you get is dirty. Best wash yourself clean and move on.”
    Brianne Howey - Georgia Miller
    [Tag:break-up, future, past]
  • “- Robb: See, Mike, the only difference between giving up and not giving up is if you take her back when she wants to come back. But you can't do anything to make her want to come back. In fact, you can only do stuff to make her not want to come back.
    - Mike: So the only difference is if I forget about her or just pretend to forget about her?”

    Ron Livingston - Rob
    Jon Favreau - Mike
    [Tag:break-up, love, relationships]
  • “- Serena Unger: Wait. Is this the part where you act the basic bitch and tell me you got your eye on me and that you don't trust me?
    - Adele Wolff: Welcome to the moment.”

    Deepika Padukone - Serena Unger
    Ruby Rose - Adele Wolff
    [Tag:break-up, relationships]
  • Here's one thing I can't understand: people who are friends with their exes.”
    Timothy Hutton
    [Tag:break-up, friends]
  • “Locked together in hatred. But I can't hate you, Louis. Louis, my love, I was mortal till you gave me your immortal kiss. You became my mother, and my father, and so I'm yours forever. But now it's time to end it, Louis. Now it's time to leave him.”
    Kirsten Dunst - Claudia
    [Tag:break-up, immortality, relationships]
  • Funny how they always want to be friends after they rip your guts out.”

    Casper Van Dien - Johnny Rico
    [Tag:break-up, friendship]
  • “Alan Harper-If I am such a great guy, then why did Lyndsey leave me?
    Berta-Oh, there is no telling with chicks, but don't worry, you will find somebody else.
    Alan harper-As good as Lyndsey?
    Berta-Ha, look at you, already making jokes.

    Jon Cryer - Alan Harper
    Conchata Ferrell - Berta
    [Tag:break-up, women]
  • “And here's to the fools who dream / Crazy as they may seem. / Here's to the hearts that break. / Here's to the mess we make.”

    Emma Stone - Mia
    [Tag:break-up, dreams, singing]
  • “- Eve Kendall: I want you to do a favor for me. A big, big favor.
    - Roger Thornhill: Name it.
    - Eve Kendall: I want you to leave right now, stay far away from me, and don't come near me again. We're not going to get involved. Last night was last night, and it's all there was, and it's all there is. There isn't going to be anything more between...” (continue)
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    Eva Marie Saint - Eve Kendall
    Cary Grant - Roger Thornhill
  • “- Johnny Clay: Everything's gonna be alright. I promise you.
    - Fay: Make sure you're right about it, Johnny. I'm no good for anybody else. I'm not pretty and I'm not very smart; so, please don't leave me alone any more.
    - Johnny Clay: Nothing is gonna happen. Not this time.”

    Sterling Hayden - Johnny Clay
    Coleen Gray - Fay
    [Tag:break-up, relationships]
  • “- Alicia: Don't ever leave me.
    - Devlin: You'll never get rid of me again.
    - Alicia: Never tried to.”

    Ingrid Bergman - Alicia Huberman
    Cary Grant - Devlin
  • “- Buddy: Did she run off and leave you?
    - Ray: No.
    - Buddy: Well, give it time.
    - Ray: Is that what she did to you?
    - Buddy: She did things to me I can't even pronounce.”

    William Shockley - Buddy
    James Spader - Ray
    [Tag:behavior, break-up]
  • “- Stackhouse: O'Malley told me you dropped your letter, he's bullshitting me, right?
    - Burnett: Nope, he's telling the truth.
    - Stackhouse: Oh, so you're gonna break up the band? That's good. Listen, Chris, I thought you were kidding about getting out. Are you telling me I gotta find another navigator? Is that the deal?
    - Burnett: I can't do it...” (continue)
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    Gabriel Macht - Stackhouse
    Owen Wilson - Burnett
    [Tag:break-up, layoff]
  • “- Dominika Egorova: I think one day you will understand.
    - Nate Nash: No, I don't think I will. Some things can't be sacrificed. We don't throw people away.”

    Jennifer Lawrence - Dominika Egorova
    Joel Edgerton - Nate Nash
    [Tag:break-up, relationships]
  • “You may think you have the worst taste in men, but you don't... I do. My grade school boyfriend left me for someone with boobs, my high school boyfriend Charlie left me for... well, someone without any boobs.”
    Monica Potter - Amanda
    [Tag:break-up, breast, lover]
  • “I was jealous of other men in her design department. I became convinced that she was going to leave me for one of them. Then she left me for one of them.”
    John Cusack - Rob Gordon
    [Tag:break-up, jealousy]
  • “I think the wife and me are splitting up. Her point is that were both kind of selfish and unrealistic, so we're not really good for each other.”
    Nicolas Cage - H.I. McDunnough
    [Tag:break-up, selfishness]
  • You know what's the worst thing about somebody breaking up with you? It's when you remember how little you thought about the people you broke up with and you realize that is how little they're thinking of you. You know, you'd like to think you're both in all this pain but they're just like "Hey, I'm glad you're gone".
    Ethan Hawke - Jesse
    [Tag:break-up, pain, remembrance]
  • “- Ed: What the fuck happened to you? We were inseperable.
    - Charley Brewster: Yeah, well you know when my life started to get better? When I stopped being friends with you.”

    Christopher Mintz-Plasse - Ed
    Anton Yelchin - Charley Brewster
    [Tag:break-up, friendship]
  • “Why did we break-up? It's funny, but when I think back now, the reasons seem so small. One day she's with me and
    she's saying I love you, and the next week she's with someone else, probably saying the same thing.
    So did she really love me? What is love, anyway? And is it really that fleeting?”

    Sean Biggerstaff - Ben Willis
    [Tag:break-up, love, uncertainty]
  • “Mike, I learned it from you. You always told me this was the rule. Rule number one: Throw away your cards the moment you know they can't win. Fold the fucking hand.”

    Gretchen Mol - Jo
    [Tag:break-up, gambling, metaphors]
  • “- Abby Janello: Being with him is like making a choice.
    - Donna: You don't have that choice, Abby. You have other choices.
    - Abby Janello: It just can't be him - that's all.
    - Donna: Ok, then fine. But whether it's Buddy or someone else a year from now, whoever you choose will be there because Greg is not. That's just how it is.”

    Gwyneth Paltrow - Abby Janello
    Caroline Aaron - Donna
    [Tag:absence, break-up, relationships]
  • “This is your mail because it has your name on it! My mail is sometimes addressed to occupant. Because, Max, I am the fucking occupant of my place! Whereas you are no longer an occupant. Is this sinking in? Get your shit out of my apartment!”
    Salma Hayek - Rita
    [Tag:break-up, leaving]
  • “Well, there's nothing else I can say except that I'm glad that before I married you, you showed yourself in your true colors: you're just a butterfly.”

    Virginia Walker - Alice Swallow
    [Tag:break-up, dislike, marriage]