“Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” quotes

Movie Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Fritz Lang directed this movie in 1956
Title Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Year 1956
Director Fritz Lang
Genre Drama, Crime, Film-Noir
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Plot – A publisher proposes to his future son-in-law, a former journalist and writer, to pretend of being guilty of a murder, so that he can be sentenced to trial. By demonstrating his innocence, he will be able to make a decisive contribution to the battle against death penalty. The man leaves clues that link him of the murder of a dancer, he is then accused and condemned. But when it comes to proving his innocence, the publisher dies in a car accident. Now the defendant really risks capital execution.
All actors – Dana Andrews, Joan Fontaine, Sidney Blackmer, Arthur Franz, Philip Bourneuf, Edward Binns, Shepperd Strudwick, Robin Raymond, Barbara Nichols, William F. Leicester, Dan Seymour, Rusty Lane, Joyce Taylor, Carleton Young, Trudy Wroe, Joe Kirk, Charles Evans, Wendell Niles, , Phillip Barnes, Baynes Barron, Larry Barton, William Boyett, Benny Burt, James J. Casino, Albert Cavens, Dick Cherney, Noble 'Kid' Chissell, Bill Clark, Myron Cook, Anthony De Mario, George DeNormand, Mike Donovan, Franklyn Farnum, Adolph Faylauer, Dorothy Ford, George Ford, Curt Furburg, John George, Mickey Golden, James Gonzalez, Dorothy Gordon, Robert Haines, Sam Harris, Colin Kenny, Joseph La Cava, Mike Lally, Carl M. Leviness, Thomas Martin, Frank McLure, Lee Miller, Frank Mills, Frank Mitchell, Joel Mondeaux, Sol Murgi, Joe Ploski, Paul Power, Joey Ray, Billy Reed, Suzanne Ridgway, John Roy, Jeffrey Sayre, Jerry Sheldon, Carl Sklover, Harry Strang, Hal Taggart, Ralph Volkie, Bob Whitney, Dave Wiechman, Eric Wilton
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  • “- Tom Garrett: Well, could I get in touch with you?
    - Dolly Moore: You've touched enough already!”

    Dana Andrews - Tom Garrett
    Barbara Nichols - Dolly Moore
    [Tag:flirting, meeting]
  • “- Terry Larue: How much do you know about that guy?
    - Dolly Moore: He's the best score I've made in a long time.”

    Robin Raymond - Terry Larue
    Barbara Nichols - Dolly Moore
    [Tag:meeting, men]
  • “- Dolly Moore: This guy's got a lot of class.
    - Terry Larue: Yeah? If he's got so much class, what's he doin' with you?”

    Barbara Nichols - Dolly Moore
    Robin Raymond - Terry Larue
  • “Nothing about this case will be dead until Garrett is executed.”
    Philip Bourneuf - Dist. Atty. Roy Thompson
  • “You get engaged to my daughter, and all you can think about is capital punishment?”

    Sidney Blackmer - Austin Spencer