“On the Waterfront” quotes

Movie On the Waterfront
Elia Kazan directed this movie in 1954
Title On the Waterfront
Year 1954
Director Elia Kazan
Genre Drama, Crime
Plot – Some dockworkers in the port of New York are harassed by gangsters. The criminals impose a new contract to the employers but the dockworkers are denied the right salary. The one who rebels against them, will pay with life. Gangster Terry Mallory is better than his fellows because he feels a certain moral discomfort when he kills one dockworker. Thanks to a priest, Terry reports the gangsters' abuses and now he has to overcome not only his fellows' hatred but also dockworkers' one, who have judged badly Mallory's gesture.
All actors – Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, Lee J. Cobb, Rod Steiger, Pat Henning, Leif Erickson, James Westerfield, Tony Galento, Tami Mauriello, John F. Hamilton, John Heldabrand, Rudy Bond, Don Blackman, Arthur Keegan, Abe Simon, Eva Marie Saint, Martin Balsam, Dan Bergin, Zachary Charles, Jere Delaney, Robert Downing, Michael V. Gazzo, Fred Gwynne, Thomas Handley, Anne Hegira, Pat Hingle, Scottie MacGregor, Barry Macollum, Tiger Joe Marsh, Edward McNally, Mike O'Dowd, Nehemiah Persoff, Johnny Seven
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