“The Killing” quotes

Movie The Killing
Stanley Kubrick directed this movie in 1956
Title The Killing
Year 1956
Director Stanley Kubrick
Genre Crime, Film-Noir, Thriller
All actors – Sterling Hayden, Coleen Gray, Vince Edwards, Jay C. Flippen, Ted de Corsia, Marie Windsor, Elisha Cook Jr., Joe Sawyer, James Edwards, Timothy Carey, Kola Kwariani, Jay Adler, Tito Vuolo, Dorothy Adams, Herbert Ellis, James Griffith, Cecil Elliott, Joe Turkel, Steve Mitchell, Mary Carroll, William 'Billy' Benedict, Charles Cane, Robert Williams, Rodney Dangerfield, Franklyn Farnum, John George, Art Gilmore, Sol Gorss, Harry Hines, Kenner G. Kemp, Hal J. Moore, Harvey Parry, Richard Reeves, Frank Richards
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  • “- Val Cannon: Don't be greedy.
    - Sherry Peatty: I'm not greedy! Val, I'm in love with you and if that's being greedy, then, I'm the biggest glutton that ever walked the earth.
    - Val Cannon: Don't make it sounds so ominous. It sounds like you're gonna eat me alive.
    - Sherry Peatty: I may just do that.”

    Vince Edwards - Val Cannon
    Marie Windsor - Sherry Peatty
  • “- Sherry Peatty: Darling, what are the two things in life you're most interested in?
    - Val Cannon: What?
    - Sherry Peatty: Money and women?
    - Val Cannon: That's a nice way to put me down.
    - Sherry Peatty: That sums it up, doesn't it?”

    Marie Windsor - Sherry Peatty
    Vince Edwards - Val Cannon
    [Tag:money, women]
  • “- Johnny Clay: You'll have money. Plenty of money. George will have and he'll blow it all on you, probably buy himself a five cent cigar.
    - Sherry Peatty: You don't know me very well, Johnny. I wouldn't think of letting George throw his money away on cigars.”

    Sterling Hayden - Johnny Clay
    Marie Windsor - Sherry Peatty
    [Tag:greed, money]
  • “- George Peatty: I've been kinda sick today. I keep gettin' pains in my stomach.
    - Sherry Peatty: Maybe you got a hole in it, George. Do you suppose you have?
    - George Peatty: A hole in it? How would I get a hole in my stomach?
    - Sherry Peatty: How would you get one in your head? Fix me a drink, George. I think I'm developing some pains...” (continue)
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    Elisha Cook Jr. - George Peatty
    Marie Windsor - Sherry Peatty
    [Tag:mocking, pain]
  • “- Johnny Clay: Everything's gonna be alright. I promise you.
    - Fay: Make sure you're right about it, Johnny. I'm no good for anybody else. I'm not pretty and I'm not very smart; so, please don't leave me alone any more.
    - Johnny Clay: Nothing is gonna happen. Not this time.”

    Sterling Hayden - Johnny Clay
    Coleen Gray - Fay
  • “- George Peatty: Tell me something, will you, Sherry. Just tell me one thing. Why did you ever marry me, anyway?
    - Sherry Peatty: Oh, George, when a man has to ask his wife that; well, he just hadn't better, that's all.”

    Marie Windsor - Sherry Peatty
    Elisha Cook Jr. - George Peatty
  • “After all, if people didn't have headaches, what would happen to the aspirin industry anyway?”
    Marie Windsor - Sherry Peatty
  • “None of these men are criminals in the usual sense. They've all got jobs. They all live seemingly normal, decent lives. But, they've got their problems and they've all got a little larceny in 'em.”
    Sterling Hayden - Johnny Clay
    [Tag:crime, normality]
  • “You know Fay, the biggest mistake I made before was shooting for peanuts. Five years have taught me one thing, if nothing else: Anytime you take a chance, you better be sure the rewards are worth the risk. Because they could put you away just as fast for a $10 heist as they can for a million dollar job.”
    Sterling Hayden - Johnny Clay
    [Tag:chance, reward, risk]
  • “- George Peatty: This couple, sittin' just in front of me, oh, they weren't young, exactly. I guess the woman was about your age.
    - Sherry Peatty: A little senile, you mean? With one foot and a big toe in the grave?
    - George Peatty: You want to hear this or not? Do you or not, Sherry?
    - Sherry Peatty: I can't wait. Go ahead and thrill me George.”

    Elisha Cook Jr. - George Peatty
    Marie Windsor - Sherry Peatty
  • “In this life you have to be like everyone else - the perfect mediocrity; no better, no worse. Individuality's a monster and it must be strangled in it's cradle to make our friends feel confident. You know, I've often thought that the gangster and the artist are the same in the eyes of the masses. They are admired and hero-worshipped, but there...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Kola Kwariani - Maurice Oboukhoff
  • “You'd be killing a horse - that's not first degree murder, in fact it's not murder at all, in fact I don't know what it is.”
    Sterling Hayden - Johnny Clay
    [Tag:killing, murder]
  • “- Johnny Clay: A friend of mine will be stopping by tomorrow to drop something off for me. He's a cop.
    - Joe Piano: A cop? That's a funny kind of a friend.
    - Johnny Clay: Well, he's a funny kind of a cop.”

    Sterling Hayden - Johnny Clay
    Tito Vuolo - Joe Piano
    [Tag:friends, police]