“The Blue Gardenia” quotes

Movie The Blue Gardenia
Fritz Lang directed this movie in 1953
Title The Blue Gardenia
Year 1953
Director Fritz Lang
Genre Drama, Crime, Film-Noir
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Plot – Nora, a young telephone operator from Los Angeles who was dumped by her boyfriend, has dinner with a painter. During the night, the girl drinks too much, blacks out and after a few hours wakes up at the painter's place. The man tries to rape her, but Nora manages to hurl the tongs at him and then passes out. Once awake, she sees the body of the painter on the floor and realizes that he's dead: frightened, she flees leaving her shoes in the apartment. As the police are not able to find the killer, a reporter, Casey Mayo, decides to write an open letter to the murderer, inviting him or her to trust him and get assisted by a famous lawyer.
All actors – Anne Baxter, Richard Conte, Ann Sothern, Raymond Burr, Jeff Donnell, Richard Erdman, George Reeves, Ruth Storey, Ray Walker, Nat 'King' Cole, , Fay Baker, Robert Bice, Larry J. Blake, Lela Bliss, Gail Bonney, Edward Clark, Papa John Creach, Mike Donovan, Frank Ferguson, Sam Finn, Elizabeth Flournoy, Dolores Fuller, Alex Gottlieb, William Haade, Sam Harris, Victoria Horne, Kenner G. Kemp, Jess Kirkpatrick, Frank Kreig, Norman Leavitt, Tommy Lee, Celia Lovsky, Peggy McKim, Frank O'Connor, Lee Phelps, William Phipps, Joey Ray, Hugh Sanders, Jeffrey Sayre, Almira Sessions, Robert Shayne, Carl Sklover, Marjorie Stapp, Amzie Strickland, Sailor Vincent, Victor Sen Yung
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  • “These aren't really drinks. They're trade-winds across cool lagoons. They're the Southern Cross above coral reefs. They're a lovely maiden bathing at the foot of a waterfall.”

    Raymond Burr - Harry Prebble
  • “Women always surprise when they take off their shoes.”
    Raymond Burr - Harry Prebble
    [Tag:nudity, women]
  • “- Casey Mayo: All right, now tell me just how you murdered Harry Prebble.
    - Disturbed Woman with Big Feet: You know how I killed him! Do you want to know why? Because I loved him. With a passion that was bigger than both of us!
    - Casey Mayo: The size of the passion's important, lady. But tell me first, what size shoe do you wear?”

    Richard Conte - Casey Mayo
    Victoria Horne - Disturbed Woman with Big Feet
    [Tag:killing, motive]
  • “How about you slip into something more comfortable, like a few drinks and some chinese food.”

    Raymond Burr - Harry Prebble
  • “If you want your picture on the paper, you'll have to go out and kill somebody first.”

    Richard Conte - Casey Mayo
  • “I didn't like Prebble when he was alive. But now that he's been murdered, that always makes a man so romantic.”
    Jeff Donnell - Sally Ellis
    [Tag:charm, death, murder]