“Cabin Fever” quotes

Movie Cabin Fever
Eli Roth directed this movie in 2002
Title Cabin Fever
Year 2002
Director Eli Roth
Genre Comedy, Horror
Plot – Three guys - Paul, Bert and Jeff - and two girls - Karen and Marcy - spend a relaxing week in an isolated chalet in the mountains. While Jeff and Marcy are a couple, Paul isn’t brave enough to tell Karen that he loves her. Bert has a solitary character and he is a bit rough. One day, Bert goes out for a walk in the woods and bumps in a tramp, who looks sick and tries to steal his car. Bert fears to be infected, so he abandons him to die in the fire. From that moment onwards, a mysterious disease spreads through the group.
All actors – Rider Strong, Jordan Ladd, James DeBello, Cerina Vincent, Joey Kern, Arie Verveen, Robert Harris, Hal Courtney, Matthew Helms, Richard Boone, Tim Parati, Dalton McGuire
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  • “When you've known someone a long time, you just want to kiss them just to see if they're a good kisser. There's nothing wrong with that, right?”
    Jordan Ladd - Karen
  • “- Karen: What's the rifle for?
    - Old Man Cadwell: That's for niggers.”

    Jordan Ladd - Karen
    Robert Harris - Old Man Cadwell
  • “- Tommy: You wanna give me one good reason why you would steal a snickers bar.
    - Bert: The nougat?”

    Hal Courtney - Tommy
    James DeBello - Bert
    [Tag:food, theft]
  • “- Bert: I'm gonna go shoot some squirrels.
    - Paul: Why would you wanna kill squirrels?
    - Bert: 'cause they're gay... I'm kidding. I don't care if they're gay or straight, I'll kill 'em either way.”

    James DeBello - Bert
    Rider Strong - Paul
  • It's like being on a plane, when you know it's gonna crash; everyone around you is screaming, yelling "We're going down! We're going down!", and all you really wanna do is grab the person next to you and fuck the shit out of them, 'cuz you know you're gonna be dead soon, anyway.

    Cerina Vincent - Marcy
    [Tag:danger, people]