“The House That Jack Built” quotes

Movie The House That Jack Built
Lars von Trier directed this movie in 2018
Title The House That Jack Built
Year 2018
Director Lars von Trier
Genre Drama, Crime, Horror
Plot – United States, 1970. Jack is an engineer and a psychopath with obsessive-compulsive tendencies. After killing a woman who asked for his help in the street, he convinces himself he needs to keep killing people in order to reach perfection. Every one of his killings has to be a masterpiece, each time more ingenious and complex. Thus, he starts a dangerous chess play with the police, starring one of the cleverest and ruthless serial killers.
All actors – Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz, Uma Thurman, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Sofie Gråbøl, Riley Keough, Jeremy Davies, Jack McKenzie, Ed Speleers, David Bailie, Mathias Hjelm, Ji-tae Yu, Emil Tholstrup, Marijana Jankovic, Carina Skenhede, Rocco Day, Cohen Day, Robert Jezek, Osy Ikhile, Christian Arnold, Johannes Kuhnke, Jerker Fahlström, Robert G. Slade, Vasilije Mujka, , Idi Amin, Jean-Marc Barr, Willem Dafoe, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Glenn Gould, Adolf Hitler, Udo Kier, Benito Mussolini, Ola Normelli, Kirsten Olesen, Birgitte Raaberg, Lisa Sjöholm, Albert Speer, Cameron Spurr, Joseph Stalin, Emily Watson
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