“Hotel Transylvania” quotes

Movie Hotel Transylvania
Title Hotel Transylvania
Year 2012
Director Genndy Tartakovsky
Genre Comedy, Family, Animation
Plot – Hotel Transylvania is a 2012 American computer-animated monster comedy film and the first installment in the Hotel Transylvania franchise. The movie follows Count Dracula, the owner of the titular Hotel Transylvania, a luxurious resort where monsters can take a rest from human civilization. On one special weekend, Dracula has invited some of the world's most famous monsters to celebrate his daughter Mavis' 118th birthday. When the "human-free hotel" is unexpectedly visited by an ordinary 21-year-old traveler named Jonathan, Drac must do everything in his power to prevent Mavis from falling in love with him before the hotel's guests learn a human is in the castle, which may jeopardize the hotel's future and his career.
All actors – Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Fran Drescher, Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon, David Spade, CeeLo Green, Jon Lovitz, Brian George, Luenell, Brian Stack, Chris Parnell, Jackie Sandler, Sadie Sandler, Robert Smigel, Rob Riggle, Paul Brittain, Jonny Solomon, Jim Wise, Craig Kellman, Brian McCann, James C.J. Williams, Rose Abdoo, Steve Alterman, Kirk Baily, Dana Belben, Meira Blinkoff, Ranjani Brow, Corey Burton, William Calvert, Cam Clarke, Michael Corbett, Allen Covert, Rachel Crane, Doug Dale, Collin Dean, Eddie Frierson, Bridget Hoffman, Wendy Hoffman, Rif Hutton, Tom Kenny, Darrin Lackey, Ashley Lambert, Scott Menville, Edie Mirman, Jon Olson, Jessica Pennington, Alec Rosenthal, Judith Sandler, Sunny Sandler, Katie Silverman, Warren Sroka, Melissa Sturm, John Hans Tester, Sarah Thyre, Chris Titone, David Zyler, , Maddie Taylor
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