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Identikit and personal data
Robert Allen
Last name
Riggle Jr.
Rob Riggle
April 21, 1970
North American
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Rob Riggle movie quotes, phrases and lines
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Rob Riggle quotes
  • “- Katie Price: Oh my god, Charlie's outside.
    - Jack Price: I know. I called him.
    - Katie Price: What? Why?
    - Jack Price: Because you said the best part was having someone to share your adventures with. So go talk to him tell him the truth he deserves that, and so do you.”

    Bella Thorne - Katie Price
    Rob Riggle - Jack Price
    [Tag:sincerity, truth]
  • - Lloyd Christmas: Hey, you guys want to play "He Who Smelt It"?
    - Harry Dunne: Yeah.
    - Travis: What's that?
    - Lloyd Christmas: It's complicated, so pay attention. We put the windows up, first one who smells a fart gets a point. If you say who dealt it, double points.
    - Harry Dunne: But if you say you smelled a fart and nobody farted, like if we... (continue)
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    Jim Carrey - Lloyd Christmas
    Jeff Daniels - Harry Dunne
    Rob Riggle - Travis
    [Tag:game, stink]
  • “- Captain Lippencott: Why are you standing in the toilet?
    - Harry Dunne: So you wouldn't see my feet.
    - Captain Lippencott: Why not just stand on the rim?
    - Harry Dunne: There's ball hairs all over that thing. I'm not stupid.”

    Rob Riggle - Captain Lippincott
    Jeff Daniels - Harry Dunne
  • “- Susan: How bad will it get?
    - West: Am I the only one who knows about zombieshere?”

    Carrie Genzel - Susan
    Rob Riggle - Frank West
  • “- Susan: What advice do you have for those trapped in the quarantine zone?
    - West: You're basically fucked.”

    Carrie Genzel - Susan
    Rob Riggle - Frank West
    [Tag:danger, death, news]
  • “- Schmidt: Mr. Walters, I should apologize for...
    - Mr. Walters: ...for shooting my penis off? Don't sweat it, brother. I'm liberated. Totally. You know they gave me a vagina. It's awesome. You guys wanna see it?”

    Jonah Hill - Schmidt
    Rob Riggle - Mr. Walters
    [Tag:genitalia, wound]
  • “The London underground is worse than anything we did in Guantanamo.”
    Rob Riggle - Grant
    [Tag:america, sarcasm]
  • “- Derek: You mess with my nut, Brennan, Randy here is gonna eat your dick.
    - Randy: Like Kobayashi. [makes eating noise]
    - Derek: I've seen him do it.
    - Brennan Huff: You've actually seen him eating a man's penis?
    - Derek: It was in international waters, so they couldn't prosecute him. But I saw it.”

    Adam Scott - Derek
    Rob Riggle - Randy
    Will Ferrell - Brennan Huff
    [Tag:eating, genitalia, law]