“In Love and War” quotes

Movie In Love and War
Richard Attenborough directed this movie in 1996
Title In Love and War
Year 1996
Director Richard Attenborough
Genre Drama, Romance, War, Biography
Plot – At 18 Ernest Hemingway enlists as a volunteer and fights the First World War on the Italian front. He's wounded and he's cured by Agnes von Kurowsky, a twenty-six-year-old nurse. Between them arises a tender feeling that soon turns into an overwhelming love. The writer will recall the episode in his great novel "A Farewell to Arms".
All actors – Mackenzie Astin, Chris O'Donnell, Margot Steinberg, Sandra Bullock, Alan Bennett, Ingrid Lacey, Terence Sach, Carlo Croccolo, Tara Hugo, Gigi Vivan, Giuseppe Bonato, Allegra Di Carpegna
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