“Shadowlands” quotes

Movie Shadowlands
Richard Attenborough directed this movie in 1993
Title Shadowlands
Year 1993
Director Richard Attenborough
Genre Drama, Romance, Biography
Plot – The writer and the Oxford university professor Jack Lewis holds his lectures with great success. His students and colleagues admire him and suddently Lewis receives the request for an interview by the American writer and poet Joy Gresham. His daily routine is then upset as the British unmarried professor is struck by the uninhibited and unconventional personality of the writer. When she asks him a second meeting with her young son Douglas, he invites them in his house. Joy confides the man her marital misadventures and the willing to move to England, then she asks him to fake a "technical" marriage to obtain British citizenship. Lewis likes her and accepts. When Joy suffers suddenly of an incurable disease, Lewis realizes how the woman is important to him and decides to marry her, living moments of intense but painful intimacy.
All actors – Julian Fellowes, Roddy Maude-Roxby, Michael Denison, Andrew Seear, Tim McMullan, John Wood, Andrew Hawkins, Peter Howell, Anthony Hopkins, Edward Hardwicke, Robert Flemyng, James Frain, Toby Whithouse, Daniel Goode, Scott Handy, Charles Simon, Giles Oldershaw, Simon Cowell-Parker, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Pat Keen, Carol Passmore, Howard Lew Lewis, Debra Winger, Joseph Mazzello, John Quentin, Alan Talbot, Leigh Burton-Gill, Cameron Burton-Gill, Chandler Burton-Gill, Kendall Burton-Gill, Christina Burton-Gill, Sylvia Barter, James Watt, Pauline Melville, Sophie Stanton, Ysobel Gonzalez, Ninka Scott, Walter Sparrow, Gerald Sim, Terry Rowley, Norman Bird, Peter Firth, Abigail Hopkins, Julian Firth, Karen Lewis, Matthew Delamere, JB Blanc, Trevor Payne
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