“Iron Eagle II” quotes

Movie Iron Eagle II
Title Iron Eagle II
Year 1988
Director Sidney J. Furie
Genre Drama, Romance, War, Action
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Plot – The US and Russian Secret Services, after discovering a deposit of nuclear weapons in an enemy country, decide to join forces and create a special aerial team and launch an attack on the nuclear base before these weapons are used against the two countries. Some of the members of the squad are the indomitable Charles Sinclair and the rebel Captain Matt Cooper for the United States; the rough colonel Vladimir Vardovsky and seductive Valeri Zuyeniko for Russia. However, ancient grudges of war, mutual distrust and desires for revenge create disagreements between the crews. After a serious accident, Sinclair and Vardovsky discover that the original intent of the high command was to derail their mission to carry out a nuclear attack against the common enemy, killing thousands of innocent victims. They then disobey their orders, devising a risky plan to give an opportunity to the special squad to hit the storage depot and destroy the nuclear weapons.
All actors – Louis Gossett Jr., Mark Humphrey, Stuart Margolin, Alan Scarfe, Sharon Brandon, Maury Chaykin, Colm Feore, Clark Johnson, Jason Blicker, Jesse Collins, Mark Ivanir, Uri Gavriel
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  • “- Sgt. Downs: You guys stole most of your stuff from us anyway.
    - Georgi Koshkin: All of it. We stole everything.”

    Maury Chaykin - Sgt. Downs
    Uri Gavriel - Georgi Koshkin
  • - Valeri Zuyeniko: Do you have one of those macho call signs, like "Stud" or "Ace"?
    - Capt. Matt Cooper: Cobra. My callsign's Cobra.
    - Valeri Zuyeniko: Ah, the big-headed snake. It suits you.

    Sharon Brandon - Valeri Zuyeniko
    Mark Humphrey - Capt. Matt Cooper
  • “There is no dignity for a pilot in being grounded, Captain. That is something for sure, that I know. You see, a comrade of mine was once great pilot. Now, he sits forever in wheelchair. Shells from your F-16 have chained him to it. As you have thought, I was there. But, my missile did not kill your friend. It was unfortunate day for all of us....” (continue)(continue reading)
    Colm Feore - Yuri Lebanov
  • “Those fools in the tower know exactly what they're doing which is more than I can say for you bunch of idiots.”

    Louis Gossett Jr. - Charles "Chappy" Sinclair
  • “- Graves: Hey Downs, what do you do for a living?
    - Sgt. Downs: I blow up things, especially people. Bend over captain, I'll give you a demonstration.”

    Clark Johnson - Graves
    Maury Chaykin - Sgt. Downs
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  • “- Charles 'Chappy' Sinclair: Man, if we get outta this thing, I want you to come to the States. I'll show you some stuff that you'll never believe.
    - Col. Vardovsky: No way, my friend. I'm told in the States they shoot Communists in the streets.
    - Charles 'Chappy' Sinclair: Hell, man. In Detroit, my hometown, they shoot everybody in the streets!”

    Louis Gossett Jr. - Charles "Chappy" Sinclair
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